Thursday 29 January 2009

Football (for us in the UK!) soccer (for US!) card!!!!

Now I have finished Michelle's card I have been able to get on with a birthday card!! this is for the football mad little boy (arghhh,he's not so little now!!! I am getting old!!) that I used to nanny for. I used my soccer solutions cart for this one. Its funny because dh bought itas a surprise for me when it first came out and was quite a good deal and I wasn't toosure if I would use it but I use it quite a lot!!! I welded 2 football shadows together in ds and the I poped the overlay on. I added a bit more to the overlay using george as it loked a bit wierd without it, it is the little line near the E that I added.The font is doodletype with blue for the shadow and claret for the normal on top.He supports West Ham United football club so I used their team colours for his name and I googled the clubs emblem and printed it out on some card. I have put anita's 3d glaze on the letters and the emblem because I love the effect that it gives.
The ont inside the card is fro and it is called 'bend it', I downloaded it especially for this card as I thought it was cool for footy mad little guys!!! I did lots of doodle dots in black and white gel pen on the football to look like stitching(hand very achey now from attempting not too smudge it too much!!!) and some around the 'Happy birthday' too.
I am looking forward to the weekend, yippee friday tommorrow! I am ready for some snuggle time with mo and doing some nice mummy things. I have been informed by mo this morning that we are making some banana cakes with icing on so looks like it will be a messy old kitchen weekend!! He wants to make some chocolate playdough too for a sweety shop so I'd better get some cocoa!!!
Thanks for wombling my way xxxx