Thursday 26 February 2009

Mel's birthday card made using capadia's cutfile.

wow, i love this cutfile from diane, heres the link to her blog, go visit,she's awesome.
This card is for my lovely friend Mel's birthday. I used the plantin version of Diane's cutfile and swapped out the flowers and hearts for happy birthday and MEL in doodletype. I inked the edges of the card and cuttlebugged some flower borders that I chalked and inked and added a little bit of bling in adhesive pearls. I glazed the happy birthday and mel and then made myself a tag pocket with my tbbm cart along with 2 little tags to put my birthday wishes on and a little sentiment. I inked those too and popped a bit of doodle dotting on them.
I hope I have explained myself ok, its late here and I am soooo tired!!!

Thankyou for popping in xxxx

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Little Mo's bookmark for nannie.

I know this isn't made by me but I love it and am so proud I had to share it!!!!
This is the bookmark my gorgeous little boy made for his nannie today, he was looking through one of his 'little boy making books' as he calls it, (it is actually my yellowmoon book but it is for little people and where most of his crafty bits come from!!!) and he saw a bookmark and decided he wanted to make it for nannie, I didn't have any bookmarks ( am a bad mummy!!!!) so I cut him a bit of white material. He made some little snips in the bottom to make it lok like the one in the book and I helped him to sort out the letters for 'nannie' (he is only 4 and doesn't know all his letters yet and the ones he does know are lowercase, whereas these stickers were uppercase!!!) I love the way he placed then down the bookmark, proud mummy moment as I thought he placed them really well. Then I gave him his puffy glitter fabric paints and he decorated around the letters (another proud mummy moment as he was so cute and careful with his little tongue popping out the side of his mouth and he didn't want to get paint on the letters,awwwww...!!!)
Thankyou for popping in for a peek,I will tell Little Mo you looked!!!xxxx

Whoop-Whoop!! I used my bind-it-all!!!- Vicki's one sheet pocket book.

Hello everyone!!!!
This week I have been desperately trying to rid myself of my 'use my new bind-it-all' fear!!!! This happens to me with anything new!! I get it, open the box, get excited, read the instructions and then put it away again!!!!! lol !!!! i even did it withmy baby bug and my big E!!!
Anyway at the weekend I decided I needed to get the bind-it-all out and have a go so I went on a blog womble and found vicki's tutorial for the one sheet pocket book, here's the link:

It was lovely to follow and here is my book!!!! It is a little bit naked as I haven't had time to fill it in or decorate it too much yet,just a little adhesive lace and circle folded in half for the front and back so far and a bit of inking, I quickly slipped a little tag in there to show the pockets but I will post another few pictures when I have done a bit more to it.
I just want to thank vicki for sharing this fab tutorial, I love it and will be making lots more!!!!!

Monday 23 February 2009

Matthew's 18th birthday card....argh I must be getting old!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!
I have had a very busy february so far!!!! lots of birthdays to make cards for!!!
This one is for Matthew, who i used to nanny for. For anyone who follows my blog you will see that I have made 4 cards for children I used to nanny for in my posts!!! they are Elliott (football/soccer ball shaped card), Natasha ( shopoholic teen card!), Tiffany ( the girly football/soccer card) and last but not least Matthew, whose card this is, who is 18 tomorrow.
They are all brothers and sisters and they were my first nannying job. I love them dearly even though it has been a good 10 years since I stopped being their nanny and they are very special to me. I cannot explain the bond I have with the children I have nannied for, I have 2 others, Hugo and Claudia, from another family and I feel the same way about them. I try to get to see them all or email them to keep in contact but wish I could see them all a little more often than I do, I have all these plans and then life happens!!!!! lol !!!!!
Anyway, for matthews card I used this tutorial from splitcoast stampers
I rounded the edges of my mat and tag and inked them then I popped the tag bit through my cuttlenug to get the happy birthday embossed on it. Then more ink (lou is beginning to think she may have an inking addicition.........!!)
The little wooden square stickers are from my stash and I love them, I got them so long ago I dread to think what I will do when they run out!! I inked them a little too to distress them a little. I mounted them on a bit of black cardstock I had left over from cutting the card base and mats and adhered it to the card so that when the card is open it is just standing up from the edge of the card.
I used my doodletype cart to make the 18 in shadow then in normal function. I inked the edges of the numbers ( ...see I do ink everything.....arggghhhh......!!) and glued them together, then using a bit of tacky glue ( my tape and other glues refuse to adhere to my chalk inks so anita's acky glue is the answer!!!) I adhered them to the bottom piece of my tag so they pop out when it is fully open.
I used a little bit of my leathery lace string to tie around the front and through the eyelet to pull the tag up, I decided this is more manly!!!!!
I always find mens cards a bit tricky and now Matthew is 18 it had to be a man card!!!!!
I am just fininshing off my happy mail for my lovely friend Michelle, the a cup of tea before I head of on my EYFS course for the day.
Thankyou so much for popping in, hope you have a lovely monday xxxxxx

Saturday 21 February 2009

Soccer card for a girl!!!!

OOOH another busy week in the Daubney house!!!! I have just got time to pop this cad on my blog before I go back out to work.
I have had a lovely day today. Dh took me for a ride to doncaster to check out 'which craft?' which was lovely, I had a budget of £10 and got myself some super duper pop-up cards (will make one to show you soon!!) and a new card mag called 'creative cardmaking' that I am going to read tonight while I am at work and some rings for making a tag book for Mo.
Anyway, a few details about this soccer card I made for Tiffany who I used to nanny for, she loves football and plays for a team so this cad was what I decided on for her this year!!!
I used my soccer solutions cart for this one, I welded a blackout of the soccer girl to the picture frame on the cart and thencut another blackout and a normal one to go on top to get a layered effect. I popped the top layer on foam dots to get it to pop up a bit from the card.
Then I popped my card base through my cuttlebug with the happy birthday embossing folder and inked it with pink ( well, i needed some girliness!!!) and glued the frame to the top of the card.
Then a bit more inking around the edges of the card and doodling too (i have to doodle!!). The font for Tiff's name is 'bend it' from
Sorry this is a quicky but I have to fly, Thankyou so much for popping by xxxxxxx

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Mini album for little mo.

I made this cute little album today for my little boy. He absolutely loves his pets and he is doing pet topic at nursery at the moment. They needed to take in some pictures of their pets and he has been taking in photographs but I decided to make him a little book with my hallmarks card studio deluxe, I love it as it is great for quick and simple cards and projects.
All I really haf to do was upload 3 pictures, journal a tiny bit,print it out then cut out all the parts to it and assemble!!
I went over all the edges with some terracotta chalk ink an popped some eyelets on it for the leathery stringy bit to go through ( i don't have a clue what to call the string as it is leathery but not ribbon so please excuse my description!! lol!!!) I am going to play and make another album in a bit while I wait for my lovely dh to come home from our 8 year olds football training with yummy veg pizza and potato skins....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......!!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxxx

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Perfect card for a shopoholic teen!!!

Helloooo everybody!!!!!
I have had a cuople of busy days so no time for making a card (boo-hoo!!) so today I am sharing one that I made back in october. I made this card for the little girl I used to be a nanny for ( scarily, she is not that little anymore!!! ) and she loves to shop!! perfect for a handbag cards thinks me and gets out the tbbm cart. Then I decided I wanted it a little bit more personal so I made a cardbase in ds with the name welded down the side. I used double sided patterned cardstock ( this is my one big cheat!!! i am awful with the colour matching thang and this cardstock is my lifesaver....urgh, what happens when i run out of it?!!!.... panick sets in!!!)
I cut the bag, card mats, letters and inside mats for the card all on the same piece of cardstock, i just flipped the image on the parts that I wanted to be the plain coour and cut it all in one go.
I stck the letters onto the base, added a few white gel pen dots and glazed over the top to make them shiny.I ran the top mat for the card through my cuttlebug with the happy birthday embossing folder.
For the bag handle I just threaded some black seed beads onto a piece of wire,shaped it into the handle shape and popped it through the holes in the top of the bag where I would normally put ribbon. I popped a little pearl on the closure with a tiny reposistionable glue dot on the inside, I did that because I gave her money for her birthday and put it in the little bag!!!!

On an off cards topic, my new bind-it-all pink version from my gorgeous husband arrived yesterday!!! whoop, whoop!!!! always with new things...I got it out the box and then put it away in fear!!!!! lol!!! I do this everytime I get something new!!!!!! but watch this space,I will pluck up the courage to use it soon!!!!!!

Sunday 15 February 2009

I love,love,love my wild card cart!!!!!

I really do love my wild card cartridge, it is so much fun. My favourite a the moment is the scalloped circle card on the setting where you get the lovely little cutouts aroud the edge.
This one is for my friend Vicky,I cut it at 5" and cut a 4" cirlce out of some lilac coloured coredinations card. I popped the 4" circle through my cuttlebug in the divine swirls embossing folder and sanded the top of the embossing lightly to get the core colour to show and inked around the edges with a couple of lilacy colours, one light and one dark and stuck it onto the card base.
I cut some flowers from george at 1/2" and inked around the edges of them with a whispers pen and popped a little diamonte on each one for the center. I threaded a bit of ribbon through 2 of the little cutouts and stuck the cute little flowers onto the ribbon with some tacky glue.
The gorgeous girl is one of grab-a-doodle-do's Lily collection, I chalked around her in light pink and put a shimmery creamy colour on her skin, a bit more pink blusher on her cheeks ( i may of been getting bit carried away!!!!! made myself stop when i started thinking about eye makeup for her!!!lol!!!)and added some glittery glue to her dress and bow to bling her up a bit.
The little wooden circle alphabet is one I picked up ages ago, I just inked the edges as it looked a bit lost when I first put them on!
I glitter glued around the edges of the card too and popped some doodle dots around the scallops and a little bow at the top and hey prseto she was done!!!
I didn't take a picture of the inside but it was a 4" circle of the patterned card,glitter glued around the edges with a little happy birthday from my design runner mounted on the plain lilac card and a few doodle dots here and there!!!
I have had a super day today. It was strangely warm this morning so Mo and I spent all morning spreading some compost in the back garden and playing then we had lunch which Mo prepared for us, chopped up carrots,cucumber,tomatoes and cheese (yummy!!) and I won a rak on the cricut mb!! it doesn't get much better than that!!!!
Have a lovely sunday everybody and thankyou for popping in xxxxxx

Saturday 14 February 2009

Lily-Boo's Boutique Collection 1- its here!!!!!

For those of you who have asked, it is finally here!!!

My dh made the magic button this morning so please scroll down to my earlier post or click on the link just under the picture to get to the post and there is a paypal button for anyone who wants to purchase them.
Please remember that I am from the UK so if you live in another country I may be asleep when you purchase but please don't worry, I will email you them as soon as I wake up!!!!!
There are a few cards in my slideshow using the fairies and since JenC's fab wordart with an image in tutorial I have been popping them in those so the ways to use them are endless.
Thankyou so much for looking xxxxxx

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! Cuttlebugspot entry!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I am sending my love to you all xx
This is the card I made for my amazing husband for valentines day. Rosy shared this beautiful verse with me and I wanted a card that he would like, he loves homemade cards but likes it simple, (me of course I wanted to blingerise it but nooooo....!!!) I only wanted to use 3 coloursto keep it quietso chose red (for love!!!) black (the manly shade!!!) and white (for the background for the verse, my soppy love note to dh inside the card and doodling...i love a bit of doodling!!!)
I used my ds to make the base for the card, I have a thing for these kind of steppy cards I make!! The font I used is doodletype, I love the wiggly lines the letters have around them.I use a shadow of the letters to weld on and then cut out another set of shadowed letters and a set with no shadow to layer them up, a bit of doodle dotting and 3d glaze on top made them pop out a bit. Then I applied some doodle dot kisses and wiggles with my gel pen around the edges of the front and edges of the inside.
I cut out a mat for the inside that was just a little smaller than the base and popped it through my lovely new cuttlebug folder with hearts all over it (love language cut and emboss set) and stuck it on my base.
I printed out the verse in redink, inked a little around the edges and popped it on a black mount with foam squares and my little note to scott inside is just in the same font but in black ( I don't like my handwriting so everything tends to be done on a computer!!!)
I am going to enter this card in the cuttlebug spot challenge too as it has the word LOVE on it.
Thankyou for popping in, have a lovely day!!!!!!!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Oh my gosh! 2 awards in one week!!

And one from Cathy (check out her blog here: and heres the 7 blogs I chose for this one:
I know that they are both the same award but they mean so much to me that I needed to post 2 pictures!!!! It is so nice to know that people enjoy popping in here to have a nosey and take the time to give me an award so I hope the people I have passed them onto feel happy too xxxxx

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Card for Marie's niece.

Hello again!!!!!!!
This is the card that I made toda for Marie from the cricut mb. She put out a call for some cards for her niece's birthday on the mb and this is mine.
I used one of my sisters super cute fairies for the button an popped Lauren's name around it in wordart. I have a thing about personlising cards so peole know they were made just for them!!! I cut it with my new fiskars squeeze punch ( had to try it out!!! lol !!!) and inked the edges then I popped a shadow one behind and inked the edges of that too, then I covered it in 3d glaze to make it like a button. Its hard to see in the picture but it really does look sooooo cute!!!
The idea for the base of the cards came from my latest do crafts newsletter!!! (heres the link for the card directions )
I cuttlebugged the base bit with swiss dots and the little opening flap bit with the happy birthday folder and inked the edges of them. I popped some doodle dots on to spruce up the corners and edges and some ribbon down the side. The birthday girl is from storybook and I popped some glitter glue bling on it to make it stand out a little.
I cut a tag from george and popped some ribbon in with a little eyelet (grrrr, big bite tried to eat it a bit but you can't tell too much......i hope!!!) the 12 and heart stickers are from my stash.
I love the way the flappy bit tucks behind the little circle and it mounted on a normal A6 plain card base which made the inside easy to write on (.....actually I did it on my computer, I do not like my handwriting at all so most things get done on my laptop!!!)
I realy enjoyed making this, it will be going in the postbox as soon as the little button is dry!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxxxxx

Lily-Boo's Boutique Collection 1- available now!!

My sisters Fairies in a 5 image download for just £1.99!!!!

Images will be e-mailed as a 300DPI .JPG file shortly after payment has been received.

I am sure most of you know I have an amazing sister, she is not only my sister but one of my best friends too. I struggle with stamping ( even though Ihave t least 40 stamps and try really hard I am awful at colouring them!!!) so my big sis spends ages drawing and colouring them for me, then my also amazing husband scans them for me so I can use them on cards.
My husband and I have been working out how best to sell them for her to say thankyou and this is how I am going to start.
It would be a great help to me if you could leave a comment and leave any feedback.
I have made lots of cards with them and I love them, i just want to say thankyou to my big sis.I feel honoured to have a family that actively support my scrapping and cardmaking.
Thankyou for peeking xxxx

Saturday 7 February 2009

Woo-hoo!! I used my paper tagger!!!

I have finally used my new paper tagger!! it is cool!! i think it may be a new addiction adding a tag to every card!!! lol!!!
I cuttlebugged the bottom of my card with divine swirls and popped a bit of adhesive black lace across the middle. I popped the heart tag on through the centre of one of the flowers and then added a few of my forvever friends stickers with a bit of bling around them!! I used my embossing dust for bling around the stickers and a few dots on the card.I addedsome doodle dots around the edge as it looked a bit plain.
The inside is computer generated, I made it in word and added the hearts from clipart and inked around the edges with black and white.
I think it is what else can I tag....!!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxx

A few circle texts I have had for a while to share!

Well, me and Mo can't sleep tonight!! we got up about an hour and a half ago and we have been watching bugs life!! we had nutella on toast for a snack and are quite enjoying ourselves!!!!
I have had my love buttons file downloaded 125 times so far and the easter greetings 98 times so in celebration I thought I would pop these one on. They are a bit of everything that some of you may already have but I was just so chuffed that people were using then I decided to share these too.
I love doing these, I made this card for some special friends at christmas and it just makes cards so much more personal.
Heres the link to download the file xx

Friday 6 February 2009

Me and my little Mo in the snow!!!

I am an extremely lucky mummy in that I work where my little boy goes to nursery. For the first time in a very long time we have had snow that you can actually play in in the UK, don't get me wrong, we do get a little snow from time to time but this time it was real, fluffy, play out for ages and make snowmen snow!!!
Yesterday the children were so excited we threw all ideas of what we had planned away and went outside!! wooo hooo!!! I am so pleased I got to experience this with Mo.
He was having a lovely time playing with all his little friends and it was so much fun for the grown ups too!!! snowballs were flying everywhere!!
My manager had her camera to take pictures for the parents and clicked this one of me and Mo and I love it.One of my lovely friends at work emailed this to me tonight, I had seen it but only tiny so I was so pleased to recieve it.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don't do photo's of me unless I am forced so this is such a treasure for me to have and I wanted to share it with you all.

Paper Angels -Team one february challenge entry!

Yipppee!!! its friday!!!! oh I am so pleased it is the weekend, with the snow it has been a really tireing week. My new mats arrived yesterday so I was able to get the cutting done for my february team one card.
This card seemed like such a good idea as I was desperate to try embossing acetate ( don't ask me why, i just thought it would look nice!!!) I am not great at pictures which is a shame as this card looks so nice in 'real' life!!! lol!!! I tried to take lots of photos to get the views of the card so sorry if you get bored of looking at it!!!!
I used the plantin certificate for the base of the card and welded my LOVE from the storybook cart to it, then I layerd up the word LOVE with foam squares to make it stand out and gave it a little bling with glitter glue. When the glitter glue was dry I put 3d glaze on it. Then I used the hearts from doodlecharms and inked the edges and put a tiny I and U on them.Lots of doodledots on the inside of the card and more inking,I cut the certificate again in patterned paper to make the inside pretty. I cuttlebugged my acetate with divine swirls and then glued it behind the LOVE. Here is the link to the thread where all the other amazing creations from the team I am in are going:
I will pop the link for team 2 on too when they post it as the creations everybody makes are wonderful and it is such fun. Thankyou for peeping xxxx

Monday 2 February 2009

Just for Enfys!!!!!!!

This is my little play at some easter word art for Enfys!!!! I am sure it was just a passing comment but I wanted to make some just incase!!!!! so here they are!!!!! it is so easy to play with once you get the hang of it!!!
Here's the download link if anyone would like it!!! don't forget to leave me some comments if you download them, feedback is lovely xxx

Link to download the circle texts with image's in!!!

I always forget that I have sendspace so I was able to upload the file for the circles ( from the post below this one) so here is the link. Please leave me a comment and let me know if anyone is stuck with anything. Hope this works xxx you button.doc

Sunday 1 February 2009

My first try at popping an image in circle texts!!

Here is my first attempt at popping some images in circle texts!! i am quite pleased with it. I followed JenC's tutorial from her blog, (heres a link to her blog, she's great. ) and this is what i came up with. they are for my valentines cards.................that i haven't actually started making yet!!!!! but I like them all the same!!!!
I am happy to share them if anybody wants them, just leave me a pm on the cricut mb or leave a comment on here with your email addy.
We are finally getting a bit of snow here in Lincolnshire, Mo will be so excited if he wakes up to snow!! I love to see it, you just know it has snowed when it is all quiet and bright when you wake up. Hope everyone has a lovely sunday xx

OOOOOh!!! a new toy for me!!!!!

Oh what a day yesterday was!!!!the first ting to go wrong was our sky hd box died....urgh..we can't afford a new one(they are expensive) so no more Ty on extreme makeover or ghost whisperer for :( so we spent the whole day trying to fix it, dh is a bit of a whizz at things like tis so we had to got to his work and fetch solder and solder tools but no amount of intensive care would revive it.

There is one plus point though, while we were on our travels trying to fix it the boys decided they had the nibbles so we stopped in at the bakery to get them gingerbread men, across from the bakery is a little craft shop I like to womble around, so naturally to cheer myself up and stop me thinking of missing Ty I decided to go in and while wombling I found this paper tagger!! oooooh, i think I am going to like it!! it just looked at me and said "please buy me!!! we can be great friends" I think it is going to be another nice little gadget for me!!!! I can just see us sat, tagging everything. I am thinking of testing it out on mo and ryan later!!!!!! lol!!!!