Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! Cuttlebugspot entry!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I am sending my love to you all xx
This is the card I made for my amazing husband for valentines day. Rosy shared this beautiful verse with me and I wanted a card that he would like, he loves homemade cards but likes it simple, (me of course I wanted to blingerise it but nooooo....!!!) I only wanted to use 3 coloursto keep it quietso chose red (for love!!!) black (the manly shade!!!) and white (for the background for the verse, my soppy love note to dh inside the card and doodling...i love a bit of doodling!!!)
I used my ds to make the base for the card, I have a thing for these kind of steppy cards I make!! The font I used is doodletype, I love the wiggly lines the letters have around them.I use a shadow of the letters to weld on and then cut out another set of shadowed letters and a set with no shadow to layer them up, a bit of doodle dotting and 3d glaze on top made them pop out a bit. Then I applied some doodle dot kisses and wiggles with my gel pen around the edges of the front and edges of the inside.
I cut out a mat for the inside that was just a little smaller than the base and popped it through my lovely new cuttlebug folder with hearts all over it (love language cut and emboss set) and stuck it on my base.
I printed out the verse in redink, inked a little around the edges and popped it on a black mount with foam squares and my little note to scott inside is just in the same font but in black ( I don't like my handwriting so everything tends to be done on a computer!!!)
I am going to enter this card in the cuttlebug spot challenge too as it has the word LOVE on it.
Thankyou for popping in, have a lovely day!!!!!!!


  1. Lucy
    Stunning card!!! I love your stepped cards. What a lucky husband to be receiving this today! Good luck in the challenge looks like a winner to me!



  2. I love how you did this one with the descending letters. very creative.


  3. This card is SPECIAL! you did such a nice job with it, love how you spelled love like that and the glaze was a nice touch!


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