Thursday 30 April 2015

Just keep swimming!!

Morning peeps!!

Its a lovely sunny day here today so I am going t share this super summery new release from Tiddly Inks! she's so cute!! I went all out bubbly for this one and even added a few little liquid pearl bubbles to come out from her snorkel!! the little sentiment that goes with her so well is from the Floating By clear stamp set.

So I am really excited and proud today too. After a couple of weeks deciding on his charity for this year, Little Mo has decided to help our local RSPCA branch out. I love this little guy!! He has his own little donations page over on just giving, called Little Mo's Big Bike Ride. He has been so excited about the donations he has so far bless him! 

He is going to bike all the way to school ( which is 9.2 miles away!!)  Here's his map. He has printed it out so he can stick it on his handle bars!!

And there is a rather large hill he is a bit worried about but Scott has bought him a little bike computer so he can focus on breaking his speed record instead of panicking (....errr...hopefully!!) If you get a little minute please pop in on his page and read his little story, its so Mo, he wrote it himself!!

right, I had better get on with getting ready for school. Scott is having something picked up today so I will be stuck on parcel collection watch, the time slot they gave is poo!!!!!

Thank you for popping in
Huge hugs Lou xxx