Wednesday 24 October 2018

I have taken a Viking to you.........

Papers- Viking Adventures from Roofdog Design.

Morning everyone!!

I am so excited to post my latest make on my bloggy today because a) the new Wryn Viking To You image is just the most fabulous image and b) Julee from Mojo Monday has started doing sketches again and I am over the moon about it!!
Isn't it just gorgeous?!! I can't wait to start looking out for them every Monday again. They are just such a mojo starter. Thank you, Julee!!

And I found some super cute papers on Etsy from Roofdog Design called Viking Adventures that were just perfect for this make!! I so love it when everything comes together.

Oooooh, I do so love a make where everything feels so perfect because you just love it all!!

So, here's an update on my poor big toes (scroll past quickly if you are scared of poorly toe piccies!!!)
Today we took Mo for a little womble around the Christmas bits at our local garden centre and I managed to tread on my own toe....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yup, I stood there in the middle of our local garden centre and actually cried peeps!!! I have a check-up at the Podiatry clinic tomorrow to see how I am doing with them so hopefully, it won't take them 40 mins of soaking to get the dressings off like it did me this morning?!!!! I am hoping she will say the infection has gone on the left one too.

Right, I need to scoot. We have the dentists at 4:05pm....again arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh... so I need to get on my biggest big girl pants for that! hopefully, nothing will need doing because that would finish me right of!!!

Thank you for nipping in, Huge hugs Lou xxx