Sunday 6 May 2012

Getting Sentimental for Get Funky!!

Morning Peeps!!
Its time for me to share with you my little Funky Hand DT make for our Deb's 'Get Sentimental' challenge. I love sentiments so this was a fun challenge to do.

I was in a makey kinda mood so you get 3 makes from me today!!  I went for one card and then made some tissue covers a la my gorgeous friend Catherine's tutorial, Thank you Catherine, Mwah xxxx 
This one at the top uses the awesome Steam Funk download. It is one of my absolute fav's and is completely yummilicious for all sorts of things because it is covered in little crafty sentiments and definitions when you get reading it!  and I really didn't need to do too much other than add some lace, cute little butterflies with flower stamen and bead bodies (..told you I was in a makey mood !!!) and a quick sentiment made using the Impact Label font that is on all the papercraft factory cd's..I love that too!! :)

So my card!!! I used the April Funky Freebie and the Happy Happy birthday papercraft factory for it and I love how it came out!! the sentiment for this card is also on the freebie.
Now these little covers are completely addictive and sooo much fun. I love making them and they are absolutely perfect for sentiments too. And they are so much fun to make with the Papers from Funky Hand too!! I love them!!

Next up is a little more of a sympathy one. I used the I do wordbook for this one as it has this really gorgeous quilted 3D looking paper on it that I just adore. It looks so comfy!!!
I nestified the sentiment and then added just a few teeny flowers to the top.
OOOOOOOOHHHHH!! and while I am here don't forget about the Bank Holiday Sale that is on over in the Funky Hand shop!!! there's nothing like a long weekend and discount shopping :) :) :)
And please remember to use at least 1 funky Hand product on your makes for the challenge, thankyou!!!

Off to get a cuppa now!!! Have a great sunday peeps!! and thank you for popping in on me!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx