Thursday 3 April 2014

A little bit of love.......

Image- Pocket Valentine.
Papers- Prima Princess.

Hi everyone!

I am late posting my make today because we have just had the most awesome day watching Mo at his school play. We were super lucky as we got to go twice! Mo felt he needed us there and lets be honest..who wouldn't want to see that cutie do his thing twice?!!! he was so brave and he sat so beautifully waiting for his part which was quite near the end! he kept telling us over the past few weeks while they have been practicing ..

" I can't get up early mummy, I am the surprise person who is losted"

So cute!! all the children did so very well, there will be a lot of proud mummy's and daddy's tonight and I can't even begin to tell you how hard Mo's teacher and her TA have worked on the play, they are amazing.

When we first sat down in the audience all the children kept coming upto me in little batches to say thank you for their chocolate treats I made. It made me feel like a million dollars...but I think I turned crimson in my cheeks too!! lol!! Mo saved me with a snuggle!!

I made this card with Pocket Valentine from the magazine is called Complete Cardmaking Magazine and it was issue 47. It may still be available as a back issue HERE if you look but I am not sure.

A bit of yummy paper (..oh my..this paper is soooooo yummy!!!!) and a couple of flowers were all she needed, she is just so sweet in herself!!

Thank you for peeking

hugs Lou xxx

Yarghhh!! piratey chocklits!!!

Box- Skull Topper box from Samantha Walker.
Chocklits...made by me! 
Morning peeps!!

well yesterday my day was full of making chocklits and little boxes for them to go in for Mo's class at school.

They are doing their school play today, Pirates of the Curry bean, and they have all been working so hard on it I wanted to make them all a fun little something to celebrate.

I got the little box from the silhouette store, its a no glue one so it was a case of cut 20 and then pop them altogether.

Then it was onto the chocolate! oooooh that was the fun bit!! I needed 90 little pirate themed chocoloates so my little pirate ice cube tray from Mutiny bay at Alton Towers came in super handy!!! (...I actually made more then 90 but some may of fallen foul to quality control..........)

Right, I had better get my butt into gear. We are watching Mo's play twice today! in the morning and this evening. I have conned him into the evening performance by telling him its not really that late because the clocks went forward!! lol!!

Thank you for popping in
Huge hugs Lou xxx