Tuesday 11 December 2012

Tiddly Inks challenge 100- Make it like Pop's!!!

Papers- DCWV Nanna's Nursery baby boy.
Morning Peeps!!
well a slightly stressed Lou finally gets her blog post up this morning!!!!! I was so almost without a make for this weeks Make it like Pop's challenge over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog but I saw an awesome tutorial from Yani this morning that got me spurted to finish of my make!!
So the challenge this week is make it like Pop's and this is the card we have for inspiration....swoooooon!!!
I love the make it like someone challenges. I went with the layout on the front of Pop's stunning card, the blue colours, oval matting and yummy flowers. It was so going to be an easel card too but then I saw the tutorial and it just had to be a gorgeous box!!!

Here's a bit of a sidey view!!

 and here's the box inside.......
it was so much fun to make and I have 2 more finished ones on my desk and another in progress as Mo wanted to learn how to do it!! There's a linky to the tutorial up at the top under my first piccy.

Right, I am going to relax with a cuppa now as my drive home was grrrrrrrr!! There was an ambulance with lights flashing coming towards me as I came home and though there was the empty turning lane in the middle of the road it is slippy and icy out on the roads this morning so I pulled over to allow the ambulance oodles of room. Cue the person behind you gives you the whole hands up moaning at you thing when you pull over to let an ambulance pass safely :( have to admit to being so cross with said angry brooklands auto man with car on back of lorry that I flicked him the v sign. I think he had to wait a whole 30 seconds to let it pass, grrrrrrrrrrr. I am a little bit ashamed that my little flicky finger v sign did not stay on my lap where it should of been but people like that seriously upset me. I am the dopey kind of person that see's an ambulance with flashing lights and goes into auto drive in my mind for the safety of the person who is either in the ambulance or who the ambulance is trying to get to.Urgh!! vent over!!

On a happier note!! The princess Furball was most impressed with a frosty walk on the playing field near Mo's school this morning. Frozen clumps of grass are awesome for throwing from ones furball princess mouth giving one the air of a real tomboy and oh my gosh how much fun is frozen grass root to dig up??! wag my tail, nibble, woof, waggle some more, snuffle snuffle into grass and yey!! a muddy nose and frosty sprinkles all over her face later and she happily trotted on with said grass root hanging out of her mouth!!...might I add she is now zonked out on her cosy rug after all that fun!!!

have an awesome day peeps and thank you for popping in on me,
huge hugs Lou xxxxx