Sunday 24 June 2018

Cupcake Hamster...

  Image- Cupcake Hamster.

 Morning everyone!

I'm popping in with my Dream Team make for Mo's Digital Pencil today. I have decided that I can no longer wait until my Dream Team blog posting day because sitting here scheduling my blog post for over there is too tempting to just post on mine today!! hehe!!! And this little Hamster!!! oh my gosh!!! It's just so cute I want to squish his little full cheeks!! awwwwwww, It's too cute!!!!

Let's take a closer look at the yummy cuteness!!! to get that 'furry' kind of texture on him I just coloured a little bit of cotton gauze with my blender pen and then squished it onto him once he was all coloured up. I love how it looks.

And then there's that yummy, scrummy pink frosting!!! eeeeeeep!! I love it!!! it looks delicious!! I just coloured it up and then splodged on some glossy accents and added a few real cupcake sprinkles to the places where the little drawn ones were!

I even felt umphy enough to turn the handle on my bigshot and cut out the letters for my niece's name!! go me!!!

Now...did my niece get her card on time even though it was made and she did not!!!! I feel so awful about it but then I think my niece would actually be more shocked if her card arrived on time!!! Luckily thanks to the cleverness of PayPal, she had her birthday pennies for her girls weekend away with my big sister so it's not all bad!!!!!

I have been pootling along quite nicely with recovery. I am doing good on not many painkillers at all ( I had 4 paracetamol yesterday and none yet today!! wahoooooo!!!!) and I've managed to get a fake kebab made (...Scott had to get the food processor out of the back of the cupboard for me but other than that, I've managed everything ok!!).

Right, I must pootle off and chop up some salad to go with this fake kebab, it's got 20 mins or so left in the oven and then it will be ready for nomming...which is good because we are all starving here!! lol!!

I hope you've all had gorgeous Sundays, thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx