Sunday 1 July 2018


Image- Hoping.
Evening everyone,

I cannot settle tonight at all. Little Mo is going to Dorset on a school trip in the morning and my Mamma Bear heart is beating so hard and fast that it's making my stomach pit too! but don't worry, I'm being that 'awesomely excited for you but wanting to snuggle you up and keep you home in silence' kinda mummy! so you are getting some Lou waffle!!

I needed a thank you card for an extremely special lady this week, my slimming world consultant, Sarah. She is such a very special lady and has looked after me losing weight so very well since the last Saturday in December 2017. I am desperately sad to see her go but utterly happy she is following her heart and doing what she needs. 

I wish she realised just how much she has helped me. Since my first operation for breast cancer last year, I have been waiting ever so patiently to have the other boobie made smaller to match. I noticed that in December that one of the Breast Cancer groups I am on had a couple of ladies who also needed a reduction and they were refused until they had lost some weight. I utterly panicked because I knew I had staked on the weight with ops, chemo and rads and just general poopy eating habits. I was so terrified that when my appointment came round for my surgeon to talk to me about reduction I would also be refused due to needing to loose weight so I got on the job, pushed my going out into the big world and joining a group anxieties to the back of my head and joined Sarah's group. Now, I may be biased, but it is seriously the best group...EVER! I seriously joined the most supportive and caring group of people I have ever met...and all at 8:30am on a Saturday morning when most people would be enjoying a lie in or grumpily looking into a full coffee cup trying to wake up!!  

A few weeks ago I achieved my mini target of 2st off by June, and do you know what? when I went for my wound review on Wednesday my BCN told me she absolutely thinks I did a fantastic thing losing my weight and it will definitely of helped me in both being allowed to have my op and my recovery from it. How magic is that?? 

I am working on getting my 3st off target got to now. I have 7lb to go and I'm happily just pootling down to it at my own Lou pace but I really have started to notice a difference in clothing and umphness recently, it does feel rather blooming brilliant! so, a very special card was needed for my last group with Sarah yesterday.

I was so absolutely excited to find Hoping in the store! she is just absolutely perfect!!!
I cannot believe she was just sitting there quietly in the store hoping away when there are so many of us that can use this super sweet image. I think I printed her out faster than I have printed anything out in a while is sheer excitement at the perfectness of her!!! lol!!!

She was coloured up. splodge on the card and Lou froo'd in no time, ready to be given on Saturday when I got to group. oooooh, I can't tell you how much I will miss Sarah as a group leader but we are super lucky that she amazing member from our group to train up to slimming world standards to take over our Saturday morning huddle. It's such a relief to know the person who is going to take over in helping me and the rest of my amazing group to our targets...he 'Will' (he he!! see what I did there? his name is actually Will!!!) of course, be broke because we will all be target members in no time but hey...we can start a Saturday morning coffee club instead!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

Right, this mamma bear needs to try and rest some and get some shut eye as we need to be at school for 5:45am at the latest in the morning...not a problem for us as we are normally up and on the go by then but just watch us all be zonked out for once! wouldn't that be a funny one?!!....errrr...No!! lol! alarm is set already for 4:30am to allow smooth moving for an easily unsettled Mo and lots of mummy cuddles!! he he!!

Thanks so much for popping in, Huge hugs Lou xxx