Saturday 3 October 2015

World Card Making Day....Just!!!

Phewsh!! I just made it! lol!!

Its world card making day but I have spent a wonderful day in my gorgeous family bubble and didn't realise until around 6:30pm as I peeped in facebook and saw all these WCMD posts popping up and I thought no way can I miss that!!.......though I had a Mo to get bathed and to bed...and the customary fall asleep with Mo whilst snuggling happened and I woke up thinking OMG gotta get on that card!! lol!!

So it was a case of super quick, super simple and super cute!! and hey presto...a la done!!! and now Scott is watching the rugby so I might get chance to play at making another one...if my eyes stay open long enough!!! lol!!

Huge hugs for you all, hope you've all had a day as fab as mine!!