Wednesday 21 March 2012

I spy a birthday card!!

Morning Peeps!!!

OOOhhh its so gorgeous here this morning! the sun is shining bright and its quite warm. I took the opportunity to snap some piccies of my spy wryn birthday card, its sooo nice to just click and go rather than messing about with my lights and tent! oooh I love sunny days :)

So this card is for my bosses little girl whose birthday is coming up. She is super into spies and all things secret agent and gadgety at the moment so my boss asked me to make a spy themed card and I have to say I had squillions of fun making this card!!!

I love the little top secret file bit! its so cute. I am waiting for a little piccy of Millie to pop inside it with a paper clip, but I have stamped the birthday sentiment in there already so as soon as I get the piccy it will be ready to go.

 Its a huge 8x8 card so there was plenty of room for me to play at spoldgy fingerprints and distressing to make it look all secret!!! love it!!!

Inside I had space to make a little hidden bit for Millie's mummy and daddy to write her a message! cool!! you  just lift the flap ....
to reveal a secret place to write!!
I think the James Bond style swooshy circle I merged Super Spy Wryn into is way too cute!! I just googled James Bond in images...gotta love google!!!

Right then, its time for me to gather up a little Mo and a fluffy princess Holly and get ready for school and walking! I am going to love plodding along the fields in this beautiful sunshine this morning then its back home to work on some special bits ;) oooh you will love them!!! wryns ...wohoooooooo!!:) :)

Thank you so much for popping in on me with all your lovely comments, I can't tell you how much they mean to me.
Huge hugs Lou xxxx