Monday 28 July 2014

Up Up Bean.....

stamps- TGF Up Up Bean.

Morning everyone! its Lou in today with a little bit of The Greeting Farm gorgeousness for you today!

The Bean range is still by far my fav ever range of their stamps and I can't get enough of them! I decided to go the good old paper piecing fun route with this one, her little balloons were just calling out for some dp on them!  so a little promarker on her hair, skin and dress top then the rest was cut and stick fun!! he he he!!

I also just LOVE the Taylored Expressions Designer Mini Tags, they work so awesomely with the Taylored Expressions Many Minis sentiments stamp set, I just think they are fabulous!!!

Today I will mostly be a zombie! I am still at work as this posts (...or hopefully posts as scheduled posting has been a bit dodgy recently!!!) Mo is on summer hols and Scott will be at work so when Mo asked me what we were doing today this is how the convo went....

Mo to mummy- " mamma what are we going to do tomorrow?"
mummy to Mo- "oooh tomorrow baby we are going to play zombies..."
Mo to mummy- " oh, ok........thoughtful pause....."as long as you don't eat my brains" 

romfl!!!!! he really is such a cute little pickle!! on saturday he made us uber proud. He decided a little while ago he no longer wanted his PS3 but we sat on it a little while just incase he changed his mind. Anyway on saturday he decided that was it ( not touched the thing in 3 months so we thought ok then, that's long enough for us to listen!) and popped it and all the games in a bag and popped into town with his little wishlist in one hand and ready to sell games and console in Daddy's hand!

He got everything in this picture for the pennies he got for his! that boy knows how to shop bargains!!! the iPod and speaker were both 2nd hand from the CEX shop and he had enough left for some Lego off his list, a minecraft mooshroom teddy, and a set of superhero socks!!!!

and why are we proud?!!! well, because at the age of 9 he sells what he has to get what he would like, a totally awesome quality we think!! There has been lots of trampoline bouncing to his favourite tunes ever since!!!! I LOVE it!!!

Thank you for popping in
Hugs Lou xxx