Sunday 23 October 2011

Sunday Pumpkin Fun!!!

Hello Peeps!!!

Sunday is funday in our little house and Little Mo and I decided we needed to make another pumpkin today!!
I fancied trying something a bit different so we decided to make a scene in a pumpkin!!!

We scooped out all the pumpkin goop inside (...then Little Mo deserted me and went outside to play with some wood Daddy was sawing up for him....) and then I got busy with some twigs and a candle for a camp fire and then Scott raided Little Mo's lego box for some lego men!! he came back with a whole bunch of them but I picked out Jack Sparrow and Master Gibbs as Mo loves his pirates films!!

Here they are toasting their marshmallows!!
I added a spooky web and spider around the 'cave' entrance and I  have to admit that this pumpkin has had us all giggling since I finished it!!
I think my favourite day of the week at the moment is a sunday, when we are all at home together just goofing around!!! as I type this Little Mo and Daddy are playing Rock Band together on the PS3! lots more giggling of course!!! this sort of day makes me feel all warm and gooey and so, so very thankful for my family.

I have also been making a few cards but you can't peek at them yet!! They are from the new Funky Hand Papercraft factory, Twelve Crafters Crafting. But to  cheer you all up don't forget Anice is having a sale on EVERYTHING FUNKY HAND BRANDED over in the Funky Hand shop, click the little piccy below if you fancy a fantastic deal with Free postage on orders over £10, WORLD WIDE :)  :)  :)
Right then, off to go play now!! 
Huge hugs and thank you for popping in on me :)
Lou xxxxxx