Monday 3 July 2017

Skipping Santa and Snowy House....

Images- Skipping Santa and Snowy House.

Good Morning everyone!! I'm in with my Dream Team share for you all today and I couldn't resist a cooling christmassy make after all these super hot days!! 

Skipping Santa and Snowy House are just the perfect images to merge. They are so much fun to use together that there might of been a few 'squeeeee' and 'awwwww' sounds coming from my pooter as I popped the 2 together.

A few die cut tree's was all I felt I needed to finish this cutie off, but there are so many more images you could pop in there if you felt super mergey!!!

We've had such a lovely weekend. On saturday we did something new and went to play Footgolf!  Oh my gosh, Mo and Scott loved it and it was such fun! it's golf but played with a football and the hole is like a dustbin kind of size hole. We only played 9 holes but it was great. 

On sunday we treated ourselves to Handmade Burger for lunch and then went to our favourite icecream parlour for a yummy cone each on the way home. I absolutely adore family time at the weekends. Its just so special to close down into that little bubble and enjoy each others company. We finished the weekend off by watching Labyrinth ( we LOVE that film!!).

Right, time to scoot. A cup of tea and shredded wheat is calling me...well it's calling my tummy but I can't function without it!! he he!!!

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx