Monday 22 July 2019

Shout Out........

Images- Shout Out.
Morning all!!

It's my turn to post over on the Dream Team blog today and I went for a bit of a bright and zingy make using the recently released Shout Out.

I really need a bright and cheery make. This last week has been quite an uphill climb and detour for The Daubney Trio this week. We have removed Mo from his school and will be homeschooling him and have lost one of our super precious rabbits, Kate. So all in all, a bright and zingy card was much needed for a Lou heart!!

Shout Out is such a sweetheart!! and being as I adore rabbits and very sadly lost one of mine this week, I decided to borrow the bunny from Bronte Bits to make it her little drawing on her art on the wall. I really love how cute this came out.

Today we are just going to chill out a little. Mo was quite poorly in the night with a very yucky tummy so we have been awake all night! He finally settled at about 3:50am so today I will be mostly looking like an absolute zombie!! 

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xx