Monday 31 July 2017

Space Walk.......

Image- Space Walk.
Papers- Bo Bunny Blast Off.
Dies- Magnolia Doohickey Starlight Lace.
Morning everyone!

I'm waffling on today about my make using the super sweet Space Walk

Do you all ever have a crafty day where you just want to make something for no reason at all other than it makes you smile? well,that was this make for me!! I have no idea what it's for or who it is for but boy oh boy did I enjoy making it!! Mo was busy on RoBlox and Scott was watching the Grand Prix which left little ole me to do something I fancied and Mo suggested a bit of crafting (...that boy knows his mamma so well!!!!!).

The helmets are all glossy but it's tricky to see from the photo!! I can never get things to show up right in photo's but it's sooo cute IRL. I think when Mo finds it he will add it to his stash of mamma made cards that he thinks I don't know he pinches and puts in his desk drawer!! cheeky monkey!!

I'm not really sure what we'll get up to today. Scott is getting ready to pootle off to work and Mo is busy reading in bed so I'm just having a quiet cup of tea and a bloggy womble before we start the day properly.

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xx

Sunday 30 July 2017

Garden Wedding........

Image- Garden Wedding from Tiddly Inks.
Morning everyone!!

We are on a bit of a go slow in our house today!! well, it is sunday!! I've managed a shower, made breakfast and had a quick sort out and now I've got as far as turning my pooter on I thought I'd blog my wedding card I needed to make for a garden wedding theme.

Luckily, I have the awesome Christy from Tiddly Inks who drew me this stunning image to help me massively with the style of the bride's dress. I really love to try and match things in as best as I can when I am asked to make a card, it just makes it so much more personal. The bride was having a knee length dress with no veil so I begged.....asked Christy to draw me one!!

So, she drew me 'Garden Wedding'....
Isn't it just perfect? I absolutely squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed when she sent me a message showing me the image.

So then it was just a case of trying to match in the garden theme with butterflies, dragonflies and a few more bits off my lovely list from my BF's mum!! ( it was a long list......and I lost it...arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! then gorgeous hubby came to the rescue finishing it a few days before where it had slipped down the side of my bed!!

The inside is really lovely too as I did a group photo with all the bridesmaids, the couple and their pets but I didn't colour that so it's no sharing a piccy I'm afraid! he he!

Right, I am off into town now with Scott and Mo to see if I can find something for my head for my cousins wedding next weekend. I am so excited about it so I want to try and look nice!! 

Huge hugs Lou xxxxx

Thursday 27 July 2017

Foxi Sprite..

Images- Foxi Sprite.

Morning everyone!
I was so airheady yesterday I totally forgot to pop into my own blog and share the make I did using the super sweet little Foxi Sprite from Make it Crafty, she’s such a little cutie pie and I just knew which background I had to try with her! The Whimsy Toadstools of course!! I merged her on so she was just balancing on a couple of the smaller toadstools. I added some glossy accents to the little toadstool tops but it’s so hard to get it to show in a photograph!
 Then it was time to choose a chippie to use….oh my…now that is a day job in itself trying to choose!!! but I decided to go with the little Hello brush script word and colour it up in a pink ombre effect. I added a little sparkle pen to the top before splodging on some glossy accents to make it shine.
So today my gorgeous husband has gone back to work. I took this photo just after he left. It looks just like an empty spot but it's where my truly amazing husband has been working from home since February so he could look after me. He's taken conference calls with dogs woofing away,planned jobs one second and changed my dressings the next second, checked my temp and rushed me up to the hospital when things have gone wrong. He's been at every hospital/Doctors and nurse appointment with me and dropped me off/ picked me up from chemo.He's been my absolute rock and yup, I had a few silly Lou tears as he left to get back to normal routine today.....and I'll probably have a few more every time I walk past this spot on the breakfast bar but they won't be sad tears, they'll be tears in celebration of how wonderful he is.
Image may contain: table and indoor
Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xx

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Molly color my world.....

Image- Molly Color my world from Tiddly Inks.
Sentiment-Ellie says Happy birthday clear stamp set from Tiddly Inks.
Papers- American Crafts My Girl.
Morning everyone!!

It's another one of my little Lou Tiddly Tuesdays!! and I had super fun making this card! I even made a teeny little paintbrush and used some of the little pieces of paper from my paper stack to make little 'canvases' that Molly has painted to scatter around the card! too cute!! The little sentiment on her painting is from the Ellie says Happy birthday clear stamp set . I did it in green to match the colour I did on her little brush (...I'm not the only one who colours then matches everything to it right?!!! pmsl!!!!) I even gave her a few lil splotches of paint spill onto her is messy right?! ooooh I did so enjoy making this card.

I also used my fabulous Lawn Fawn Magic color slider die set to add a little surprise colour pop in there too. It just makes a fun little interactive part to the card. Here it is with that part open, I love the happy stripes that pop out from under the slider part.
Yesterday I had my radiotherapy CT scan and little tattoo's added so they can line me up in the right place when I start my radiotherapy. It wasn't too bad at all really....they had me in fits of giggles attaching the little markers because I am so ticklish! I have to admit though that afterwards when they added the tattoo's to me the needle into my chest one blooming hurt!!!! but they are all done and just look like teeny little blackheads on my body now (....Lou makes a note that they may need promarker-ing brown after my treatment has finished so they look like freckles instead of acne!!!!!).

See, they really are teeny!! I have one on my chest and one on each side of me.

Right, time to scoot! I need to help Scott move our bunnies back onto our decking now he has finished levelling and turning the boards over after the new turf went down. It looks soooo pretty, he is so clever. Thank you for popping in on me,
huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday 24 July 2017


Images- Snowflakes.
Morning all!

I'm in with a post for you today and I just couldn't resist getting my winter cards makes going (...see...I didn't mention the festive name...bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!) by using the stunning image, Snowflakes.

Isn't she just magical? I absolutely love the victorian style images Maurie draws, they are just so beautiful and such a dream to colour up.I have an absolute weakness for any Victorian period drama's so to be able to colour some of this era in for fun too is win win in a Lou world!!

So today in Lou world I am going for my CT Planning Scan on my mini boob and to get my little black tattoo's put on for my radiotherapy to begin in a couple of weeks. They do this to check out where my little tumour was snuggled in its bed so they can blitz the bafoonie out of it!! I am hoping they can see it super easy but have to admit I am not looking forward to the little black dots on my mini boob...I kinda love it how it is and am not ready for Jack Sparrow style Black spots yet! Davey Jones is not getting me yet!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!! but in all seriousness, anything that shows the way to those cancer critters being blitzed is good with me!

Right, my hungry bear tummy is groaning 'feed me' so I'm off to nibble my overnight oats I made myself last night before I went to bed. They are so yummy and cooling on a sore mouth!

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx

Friday 21 July 2017

Summer flower Tilda....

Doo Hickey Bon Voyage Flowers.
Sentiment- Stempelgede Magic.
Double Gatefold tutorial by Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.

Morning everyone!!

Scott is working, Little Mo is busy playing with his matchbox cars, loo rolls for tunnels, old vinyl cut offs for motoway races and many zooming sounds and winning car celebrations on the landing hall so I thought I would schmoozy into my craft room and make another one of these Double Gatefold cards I am so in love with at the minute!!

I had this scrumptious Inkido Springtime Butterflies in the sky paper that I have been itching to use since last week. I got it in a 12x12 bundle offer box from Dies to Die For. I don't know if they still do them but if they do, they are soooo worth the pennies because there's not one piece I don't love in my box and they are mostly papers I would never normally think to choose!

Anywhos' a bit of cutting, folding,die cutting and general Lou splodge stuff on-ness and the cardbase was done!! then it was on to using some Magnolia Doo Hickey goodness on it.....well...If you are having a Lou indulgent crafty moment you go for your Magnolia stash right?

As it happened, I decided to go for my Doo Hickey Dream Tag and my Mini Summer Flower Tilda. I have an uber thing for the Magnolia min's and luckily Suha at Swedish House Crafts has a wonderful bargain section of mini Magnolia cuteness for you to choose from! you can find them HERE...swooooon!!!

Here's inside....

My amazing friend, Jenny, sent me this Stempelgade Magic sentiment stamp in a HUUUUUUUUUUGE box of love she sent me not long ago and I decided today that it was just perfect for going with fairy cuteness!! and it is such a beautiful stamp too. It says out of stock when I tried to link it up there but hopefully they will get some more. For the very inside of the card I just decided to go with the little stamp and a little die cut border to sit with it.

and of course... a little video to show it's cuteness in action is always nice!!...

Right, I need to scout out ingredients from the depths of my cupboards to provide lunch for the men of the this will be crafting a miracle today as school holidays have come well into effect in our house and I haven't food shopped properly all week!! he he!!! wish me luck!!!

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx

Thursday 20 July 2017

Look Ma!................

Image- Look Ma from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning everyone!!

Today Mo's Dream Team are having a special blog hop because in a couple of days time our awesome Boss Lady, Maurie, will be having her birthday. 

To celebrate, we chose one of her favorite images for us to all showcase in our own way. I LOVE doing this! there's nothing more inspiring than seeing all your teamie's takes on the same image! 

Don't forget there are THREE $5 gift vouchers to spend in Mo's shop to be drawn from the participating Dream Team Designers comments so... make sure you pop in and comment on everyone's post for the blog hop to be in with the chance to win!!!

So if you are hopping you should of come to me from Debby's blog, now it's time to pop on over to our Julie to see what she has for you to drool over !! and if you get lost along the way, here is the full hop order....

Lou.....That's me!!!

Happy Hopping everyone!!!!!

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Whisper Princess Petal Sprite....

Sentiment- Make A Wish from MIC.
Morning everyone!!
oooh I hope you all slept better than me last night! It was a super tough one for me so this morning I just knew I had to share m latest MIC Special Guest post here on my blog to cheer me up!! after all, what's better than some shaker card cuteness? 

And I adore Whisper Princess Petal Sprite , she has the most wonderful hair for playing around with. It's actually all sparkly but could I get a good piccy of that through the acetate shaker....errrrrr...nope!!! and that little Make A Wish sentiment is just perfect for all sort of occasions so I totally needed it for this card.

Today Scott has the day off to take up our decking ready to get our back garden all levelled out and turfed by a turf company this week. I am so excited because our back garden has been butt ugly for a couple of years now and it's driving me crackers!! 

It will only be green grass with the decking level, Mo's trampoline and a wonderful new bunningham palace for the bunnies but it will be so pretty to look at. I need to re paint the fence too but I might need to wait until I am a bit better to do that as I get pooped out so quickly at the minute. I love my fence a lovely creamy white colour so it makes my little postage stamp of a garden look bigger! he he!!

Right, I need to crack on with making Scott a cuppa and generally be quite useless while he is super busy! He had help yesterday when removing our block paving paths from Little Mo but the decking is just a Daddy job!

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in, Lou xxx

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Flower Fairy For You......

Image- Flower Fairy For You from Tiddly Inks.
Dies- Lal La Land Heart doily.
Papers- American Crafts My Girl.
Morning all!!!

I am feeling a little more human this morning I think! well, I have managed to have a little Lou's Tiddly Tuesday fun in my upstairs crafty room Scott made me so the Lou critters inside of me must be winning over the chemo critters a bit more today!!! Go Lou critters!!! he he!! my hands and fingers are super sore and my nails feel like they may actually ping off any minute but nothing is going to stop me having a little craft this morning while Mo is having an imaginary nerf gun battle! he's so funny!!

I absolutely adore the new Flower Fairy For You image from Tiddly Inks. You get 2 images when you purchase her, one with the lil fairy dog and one without but having 2 pawsy peeps myself I fell in love with the with pawsy peep version!! 
       there is a version with no dog
Isn't she the cutest?!!
I also made a teensy little shaker heart with the inside cut of my heart doily die and the little hearts that come out of it! of I love it!! I cut the heart in my cardstock and then the little heart centre in acetate.  I popped some hot glue around the edge of the cardstock heart and then stuffed some of the little hearts in from the bigger heart and then adhered the acetate heart over the top. It looks so cute! then I just stuck a few of the little hearts I had left around the other heart centre and a few on top of the acetate heart for some more umpf! 

I think I can say I well and truly Lou'd this morning! Mo and I are going for a little walk with my BF now to get some fresh air! Have a wonderful day everyone!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday 17 July 2017


Image- Sassy.
Morning everyone!!

Oh my! what can I say about this little cutie??? she just makes me smile from ear to ear she's so stinking cute so I had to use her for my Dream Team make this week!!!

There were so many different sentiments that could of happily been used with her! soooo many!! but I went for a little mind wondering ,,,,'How Old?'!! he he!  I just thought with her little expression it just fit!!!

Ooooh I've got some exciting updates on me for those who follow my blog! I went to see my oncologist last wednesday and he said I have been doing so well that Friday could be my last chemo. So on Friday off I went and had my bloods done at 9am ready for my chemo at 11:30am. My herceptin slow push injection went in first and then......MY LAST CHEMO!!!! oh my gosh!! I was so excited! I even got a certificate and to ring the bell! All my wonderful chemo nurses came out to watch me ring it and clapped and cheered, it felt so very special....and yup...I'm goofy in the video because that bell was loud!!!!

Image may contain: text

Now....Picc-kachu (that I was really really hoping would be able to come out....!!!) has to stay in just a squidge longer incase I get sick for any reason as my veins are shocking and my chemo nurses were worried they would not be able to cannulate me should they need to (...I have no plans on getting sick, it's upwards from here gorgeous peeps! but preparation is key to sorting me out quickly if they need to so I can grin and bear it a little longer!!)

So now I am just waiting for an appointment for my radiotherapy mapping CT scan before I can begin my 4 and a half week course of chemotherapy. My herceptin injections will happen at home from now on every 3 weeks so that will be nice.I think they finish in march. I have been ever so lucky not to need any type of hormone treatment so once I am all finished with radiotherapy there will just be my next operation to even me up and stop my feeling like the Hunchtit of Notre Dame!!!

Today, I feel really rough from chemo but I know it will run it's course over the next 2 weeks and then I will feel much more Lou-ish again, and I have my gorgeous Little Mo on school summer break now so that is another reason to smile.

Right, I am going to go and try to eat a little breakfast.Thank you so much for popping in, Lou xxx

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Cutie Pie cuteness......

Image- Cutie Pie from Tiddly Inks.
Double Gatefold tutorial by Dawn's Stamping Thoughts.

Hi everyone!!

I've finally made it to my computer after a day of playing around so I can share this gorgeous little card with you all.

I have been following a lady on youtube called Dawn for such a long time and she never fails to inspire me with her fabulous makes and tutorials. I just love them and a couple of days ago she posted this Double Gatefold tutorial .

Oh my!! I love it! it was so much fun to make too....taking photo's of it was harder but I've popped a little video down there for you so you can see how it opens up.

I used a digital Tiddly Inks image from the Cutie Pie  set for the front, the ladybirds on flowers and sentiment from the Bugs and Kisses clear stamp set, and the heart flowers and sentiment from the Friends are flowers clear stamp set for the inside....because you can never do too much Tiddly Inking on a Tuesday right?!!!

And here's the little video for you to see it in all it's cuteness.....squeeeeeeee!!!

Right, I'm going to go and hop in the bath for a little soak now. I am counting down the weeks until my Picc Line is out and I can snuggle right down in the bath again! at the minute it's a case of holding my left arm up out of the water when I lay down!!!!! 

Thank you for popping in on me! Hugs Lou xx

Monday 10 July 2017

Porch Tilda..........

Stamps- Porch Tilda.
DooHickey Dies- Grandpa's flower leaf.

Phewsh!! am on a painting break!! Having chemo makes me a bit tireder than I normally would be so while the 2nd coat on our bedroom is drying I am having a bloggy break to share this little card with you that I made on yesterday's paint break!! (....well, sitting down is resting in my eyes right?!!).

If you missed the Magnolia stamps pop up box 3 then you need to pootle on over to Swedish House Crafts and order some of the scrumptiously cute stamps and dies that came in it. Oh my do I love them!! 

I also used one of my Little B's Block Out dies for this card. I love how it makes such a simple but really effective cut out sentiment with the Kraft card showing through and of course....I couldn't resist using that gorgeous Small Daffodil die either!!! I nestled it in between some pretty flowers and those wonderful DooHickey leaves.

Oooooooooooh my arms do feel like jelly!!!! I am most looking forward to my baked sweet potato to umpf me back up for the next coat of paint activities!! I may be pooped out but it does feel so very good to have a fresh coat of paint on. I've finished our little En Suite and it looks so wonderful. The grey bathroom paint I chose has a special little glitter pack you can add to it. I chose silver and it's a subtle beautiful shimmer when the sun catches it, luckily our En Suite is just small so there was plenty left for me to carry the theme of glittery bottom and whisper white top into our bedroom.....I am actually like Lady Glitter Sparkles from Trolls!!!!

Right, time for me to pop off and see what I fancy colouring now...see!! waiting for paint to dry isn't that boring when you do it Lou Style!!!!! Thank you for popping in, Lou xxx

Bright and Zingy 2nd birthday cutie....

Image- Twins at 2.
(...I only used one!!!)

Good morning everyone!!

I'm in with a make for you this morning sharing a card I made using the Twins at 2 image from Mo's Digital Pencil. It is soooo good that this image comes with 2 separate little girls that you can merge together because for this card I only needed one!!

It is for the birthday of a little girl that I don't know very well but often see around and the other day I saw her walking with her Daddy with her dolls pushchair so I just had to use this image! I merged a little number 2 onto the little heart shaped handbag she is carrying as it was Phoebe's 2nd birthday that my BF needed the card for. Too cute!! I love the way I coloured her trousers too! just 3 colours in lines but so effective.

My BF said that Phoebe's mum loves bright colours so I went for one of my favourite paper pads ever, American Crafts My Girl. It has the cutest mix of zingy prints and colour combo's in there and I knew they would be perfect for the way I had coloured up my image ( day I will learn to pick the papers first!! bwah ha ha ha!!!).

Right, I had better go. I need to eat my breakfast and then get the last coat of paint done in our En Suite bathroom before the school run!! Then I need to do another couple of coats in our bedroom but it looks so fresh and lovely when its newly painted I don't mind one little bit, it's like crafting on my bedroom walls!!! he he!!!

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Friday 7 July 2017

Mo's digital Pencil challenge #277.....

Image- 6 baby Fairies (boys) from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Papers- MME Noteable.

Morning all!

Nothing says Friday like a cute lil baby's butt in your face right? Ha! I knew it!!! see the cuteness just has Friday written all over it doesn't it??!!!! he he!!!

I am just back from the school run and nibbling on an orange so thought I would get my make for the July challenge #277 over on facebook all written up. It started yesterday but yesterday went by in a puff of a big zoladex injection into my tummy, an excellent exercise class and then wayyyyyyyyyy too much heat for a Lou to feel productive in any way!! Luckily a big thunderstorm cleared the air at about 9:30pm and its a lot cooler today...phew!!!!

Don't forget, the same challenge rules apply!! 

Anything Goes with a Mo Image

                             Winners prize: a $5.00 voucher for Mo's online store.

Remember to follow Mo's Challenge Rules ...
use at least one Mo Manning image...
NEW creations only! (No back linking)...
And, please, only ONE entry per person!

I was super excited to use my new Magnolia Country leaves dies, I do so love popping a little foliage in when I use flowers on my cards and these dies are just the perfect size for snuggling into those pretty flowers.

Well, thats me for today I think. I have one of the fabulous new Country Girls, Porch Tilda, and Grandpa's Porch all coloured up on my desk ready to go onto a card today so I'll pootle along on that this morning before my Picc Line flush and re dress this afternoon. My little Mo is super excited today because we are going to the summer BBQ at his old school tonight. I can't wait to see some of my gorgeous mummy friends and amazing teachers from Welbourn, I can't believe it's been a year since Mo left! time flies but that school will always have a huge place in my heart for all the did for Mo.

Right, lemon water needs making and a load of washing needs popping on the line before I can have fun!! Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Thursday 6 July 2017

Krista Smith at Make It Crafty Blog Hop..........

 Image- Unicorns and Rainbows by Krista Smith from Make It Crafty.

Morning everyone!

I am super duper excited to be taking part in the Make It Crafty blog hop to showcase the fabulous new images from Krista Smith that Zoe will now be keeping snug in the Make It Crafty shop. I am so honored because Zoe asked me to guest for a couple of months for her too...squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

And to make the new image from Krista even more exciting...they come in .png format too with some of the elements of the images being separate so you can get the most out of your images. I love merging the sentiment with the rainbow ( picture below) to make the inside of my card come alive too!! I cannot wait for you lot to get yours and start to see all the fun makes appear on the timeline in the Make It Crafty facebook group.

I used Unicorns and Rainbows to make my shaker card. It was so hard to choose which ones to play with first so if I was you, I would just get the whole Funky Girls Collection set!! That way you can print them all out (....and then have trouble deciding who to use first!! bwah ha ha ha!!!)

Now, onto the important stuff you hopped here for and not tonnes of Lou waffle!!! Here is the blog hop list to help you find your way.I'm so excited for you to see all the team's makes, they are all so stunning....quick! off you go!!! and don't forget to leave some love along the way because Zoe will be offering 2 guest spots for 2 random commenters to guest on the Make it Crafty for 2 months!! oh my gosh right??? but wait!! there's more!! you will also get a package of Zoe's gorgeous chippies to play with and access to the store for images to play with....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!

Lou ...That's me!!
Store Blog

And as I mentioned..... waffled on before, here is the inside of my card...

Right, that's enough from me!! hop on over to Deborah to see what she has to show you!!

Hugs Lou xxx