Monday, 24 July 2017


Images- Snowflakes.
Morning all!

I'm in with a post for you today and I just couldn't resist getting my winter cards makes going (...see...I didn't mention the festive name...bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!) by using the stunning image, Snowflakes.

Isn't she just magical? I absolutely love the victorian style images Maurie draws, they are just so beautiful and such a dream to colour up.I have an absolute weakness for any Victorian period drama's so to be able to colour some of this era in for fun too is win win in a Lou world!!

So today in Lou world I am going for my CT Planning Scan on my mini boob and to get my little black tattoo's put on for my radiotherapy to begin in a couple of weeks. They do this to check out where my little tumour was snuggled in its bed so they can blitz the bafoonie out of it!! I am hoping they can see it super easy but have to admit I am not looking forward to the little black dots on my mini boob...I kinda love it how it is and am not ready for Jack Sparrow style Black spots yet! Davey Jones is not getting me yet!! bwah ha ha ha ha!!! but in all seriousness, anything that shows the way to those cancer critters being blitzed is good with me!

Right, my hungry bear tummy is groaning 'feed me' so I'm off to nibble my overnight oats I made myself last night before I went to bed. They are so yummy and cooling on a sore mouth!

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx


  1. Gorgeous card, I just stumbled on to your blog and have become a follower so I don't miss any more of your wonderful cards :)
    Hugs Kaz x

  2. Stunning, another gorgeous image from Mo and a beautiful design from it....
    Good luck with the next round of treatment...xx

  3. Hey lovely, utterly adore this gorgeous card Lou and I'm with you, Maurie's vintage images are gorgeous!!! Stunning job on this card hun. I love every detail. Hope the Jack Sparrow spots went okay. It'll be so good when this journey is complete and they've zapped those suckers (the naughty cells, not your beautiful boobies!!) to smithereens. I'll raise a toast to you babes!!! Sending love and hugs. Wends xoxo

  4. Great card (*pssst, I say this on the team blog too ;} *lol*) but here I wish to say, I wish you all the best for your way to fight the cancer!!! Kick his ass *LOL*. (I hope, I say it right english is not my mother language)

    Big fat Hugs,


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