Sunday 29 October 2017


Image- Wednesday.
Sentiment- Waltzing Mouse Peek A Boo sentiments.
Morning all!

It's my Dream Team posting day  for Mo's Digital Pencil tomorrow and I have had some uber spookable fun with Wednesday. As ever...I can't sit on my hands and not share my make right away!! Oh how I love her! she just has that 'whatever' or 'Bite me' kinda face! and I can never resist a bit of Halloween fun!!

Last week we soaked up a whole load of family bubble time with Little Mo while he was on half term.We had a few days up in my amazing Aunty's campervan in The Lakes and did some great walks and exploring. It really is my favourite place up there, plus we get extra Aunty Sally snuggles as we are only 2 minutes away from her house up there! he he! The site we go to is just so beautiful. We get sad everytime we have to come home!! 

On Wednesday we all went to Grandad's house to scatter his and Nana's ashes in the garden! Oh my! it was a typical Lou kinda day! We couldn't get Nana out of her ashes container to mix her with Grandad's ashes so my cousin had to saw the top off Nan's container and once he had done that, she was still a little damp (....well 19 years in a black bag in the garden buried where your dogs were buried does that to a special ladies ashes you know!!! those were her wishes though and y'all should have a feel for how we do things in my family now if you've been reading Lou world for a long time! we go with what people want!!!).

Anywho.....Nana's ashes were still to damp to mix so we had to keep popping batches in the microwave to dry them out!! oh my!!!!! My Nana would of absolutely adored that! he loved a bit of drama and especially loved a giggle!! Finally we got them mixed together nicely and all had our own little ginger pot of ashes to take to our own places in the garden. Most of mine went on the special part of the garden where my Grandad made me a special garden for my 8th birthday. He planted a lot of primroses in the shape of an 8 and then lots of pretty flowers around the edge, I absolutely adored it! and I popped some in the part where my fine needle fir tree used to be that I used to have a den in and hide there a lot!! especially when my Aunty got married when I was 3 and I didn't want to have my photo taken so I hid!! he he!! so many special memories were made in that bog ole garden. Little Mo chose to pop his around the tree he never could quite manage to climb and Scott went for around the garage where Grandad kept his cars and some of his pigeons.

Then I took some time to sit in my Grandad's chair in the lounge so I could be 'with him'.I had a really good cry. I've struggled with missing Grandad this week very much. I know it will all calm down and I won't feel this pain forever but for now I am at that terrible longing for him stage.I have been my Grandad's side kick for as long as I can remember. He really was the best (.......teeny me in piccy!!) 
Right, I need to go and slice some potatoes and onions for tea and get it popped together with some bacon for a lovely ovenbaked tea.

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xx