Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Urban Tilda...

Doo Hickey 22 set.
Morning peeps!

I'm in for you today with my Swedish Housecrafts DT make of the month and I have to say I absolutely enjoyed making this one. I just had one of those 'Let's really explore the whole of this stamp set' moments!! I LOVE those moments!!!

I took my inspiration from the stunning Magnolia stamps Urban Art stamp kit. It really is the most perfect set. Of course, you get your beautiful Tilda but then included in the set are these awesome little 'filler' stamps. I love how the little date stamps popped up on foam worked so nicely on this one...

I love that little butterfly from the Doo Hickey 22 die set too. Oh my, this die set! When I first got it I thought How am I going to use these little bits together? but it's a really good one!!!

And then that larger ticket from the stamp set again, on this one below...

I teamed that up by cutting out a few layers of the Doo Hickey 22 flower in both sizes. I scrunched them up and inked them to distress them and then carefully unfolded them and layered a few together for each flower, holding them together with a mini brad.

Then I just had to use the tree, flowers and bow from the die set too. With those delicious Maja Designs Vintage Romance everything just went together so prettily. 

Right, I need to scoot! Scott is getting his new shed today and he and Mo are up and ready for it to come so they can get building! but first, they need to empty the old one and get it taken down! Luckily it's another lovely day so we can just plop stuff on the decking! yey!!!......and I am also hoping that some old poop will get taken to the tip too!!!

Huge hugs for you all, have a wonderful wednesday, love Lou xxx

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Paul Texting...

Image- Paul Texting.
Hi all!!

ooooooh I love this make!!! I had such a blast doing it today! I've gone for a good old Mo's Digital Pencil golden oldie, Paul Texting.

I really do love a golden oldie and the magical thing about digital images is that you can size them exactly as you want for your project. So I was able to print him just the right size to fit onto the Lawn Fawn reveal wheel card base piece I had cut out for him. 

Now, I have to be honest and say I only have this many Copic ciao pens...

Yup!! that's it!! and I've had them for almost 14 years!! but they still work and have never been refilled or anything like that...though my colourless blender has run out totally now. I am going to build up my favourite colour combos of these though as the new promarkers just don't do it for me anymore. My favourite colour blends are no longer available and they run out shockingly quick now, which is such a shame because they used to rock my world.

But for so little colours in my Lou arsenal, I absolutely love how this came out, I made the image the focal point of the card with that fun little spinning element which is really perfect for 'jazzing up' a male card when you can't add the normal tonne of Lou floof of flowers and butterfly goodness!! he he!!

Thank you so much for popping in, Huge Hugs Lou xxxx

Monday, 9 September 2019

Cupcake monster, candle monster!!

 Image- Cupcake Monster.
Hi everyone!!

It's Lou in with my Monday Dream Team post today and I wanted to share the little make I have done to join in with the fabulous new challenge over on Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge blog

If you haven't nipped over there to join in yet and not seen the gorgeous colour palette please do because the DT rocked it with their makes! this is the palette and its just dreamy...

I used  Cupcake Monster for my make. I focused on the sentiment and one of the teeny weeny cute little candle monsters that come in the set! oh my!! I just love it!! I perched him atop the sentiment. Let's take a closer peek at him!!

awwwwww the cuteness!!!!! It's so sweet when a little monster peeks up on your card right?!! he he!!!

Well, I need to shake a leg! It's time for Momelearning and this mamma needs more coffee to give me power!!

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Tiddly Inks challenge #229...Tiddly Tac Toe!!

Morning all!!

It's time for a new challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog and I couldn't wait to share my make with you all! I've been sitting on it for a week trying not to post it early!!!!! but first, here are the challenge deets so you can play along...

Tiddly Tac toe!!
so choose any line of the Tiddly Tac Toe grid to play with, 

(**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you MUST use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)
And here is the inside of my card...

I just love those cute little gnomes!! there is so much to choose from in the Little Valentines Royal Fun set though, just look how cute they are!! That unicorn and her fairy are next on my list to use from it, so sweet!

Right! It's time for Momeschool so I need to shake a leg, glug my coffee and get on task!! tomorrow was our first full subjects day and he did so well. We just need to keep hot on it and not lose our momentum whilst we get used to those 3 subjects a day but we are still done by lunch and the afternoon is free for craft/cooking/reading which is fabulous!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Image- Megan from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Good morning all!!

I'm super pleased you've popped in today because this little cutie, Megan, is just too super to miss!!! Don't you just love images that make you smile inside as you are colouring away? I know I do!!

Isn't she just the sweetest little superhero you've seen? I adore her! Teamed up with a few superhero papers and she's ready to go save the world!! These papers are just my favourite ones to turn to when I need some superpowers!! 

We have had another lovely weekend. We got a new friend for our bunny Marvin. He is called Buddy, which I find really rather magical as Dad's favourite singer was Buddy Holly!! They have bonded quite nicely so far which is so lovely to see as the colder months are coming up and they will so love to have each other to snuggle up to and keep cosy.

We had a lovely little drive out to the local car boot sale today and bought some freshly picked raspberries and carrots, then onto Hobbycraft to get Mo a black watercolour pencil for his collection and some fun fabric quarters for him to begin making the beeswax wraps he has learnt how to make and lastly, Asda for some plain white T-shirts for him to decorate. It's going to be a bit of a crafty afternoon week next week I think!!!!

I made Scott the most scrumptious chocolate, raspberry and chantilly cream cake today to celebrate those gorgeous raspberries we bought this morning. He is rather gorgeous so he is very much worth celebrating too!! he he!!!

Right, I need to scoot. My eyes are closing for me as I sit here typing. 7:30-8:30pm seems to be my limit for awake-ness still! though I am awake rather early so I think it must all even itself out somehow!!!!

Thank you so much for popping in, hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Because who doesn't love Llama's?!!!

Image- No Probllama from Tiddly Inks.
Good morning world!!

I hope you aren't all melting where you are out there?! It's been really hot here. I am not a heat lover. I adore seeing the sunshine but I am not a lover of the heat that comes with it!!

But, never mind that! How cute is No Probllama from Tiddly Inks??? TOOOOOOOO CUTE I hear you say!!!! I know right????

I teamed her up with some bright and zingalicious paper for this birthday make, I LOVE it!!

Right, I need to get on. There's Science to be done in Mo-melearning world today. We are still sticking with an hour for each subject until school term begins for normal school going children when we will swap to 3 hours a day ( 1 hour of each subject). Mo is doing so good. He is really keeping himself focused during that hour but one thing I have noticed is that he can't cope with any sound while he is learning. He gets really agitated by it so I cannot imagine how that felt in a classroom full of children for him. It really sort of breaks my heart that it felt like that for him for 3 years of secondary school but all I can do is help to support him from now on.

Have a magical day everyone, thank you so much for popping in. Huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Image- Rowena.
Hello everyone!! How are you all?

Have you all been keeping up with all the gorgeous new images over at Mo's Digital Pencil? they are all just too cute!! Maurie really has been working out that drawing muscle this last week!! It's been super tough to choose who to play with first but this little cutie won!!

It is, of course, Rowena. She is just the most darling little witch. I love the way she looks so thoughtful. She comes with a magical little sentiment too. Let's take a peek at her in the shop.....

Just too cute not to pick up for a little autumn treat right?!!! I adore her.

We have been really enjoying the August bank holiday weekend so far. We've done the caravan for fishing and golf, we've had a gorgeous day at the beach swimming and today we've had a little trip out to Bardney gala to see mum and dad on their stalls and then the men of the house had a little bike ride.

It's so hot though! I am going to run a lovely cool bath to chill in in a minute before I put my pjs on and just veg out....or melt..I have not decided which will happen first yet!!! romfl!!

Thank you for popping in, Huge Hugs Lou xx

Monday, 12 August 2019

Country Boy......

Image- Country Boy.
Morning all!

I'm in with a post for you today using the super sweet new Country Boy from Mo's Digital Pencil.

My Little Mo picks the images I use for my Monday post and he LOVED this little boy with his chicken and wanted something making for him with it because he loved it so much so I went for a bookmark ( he reads soooooo much that bookmarks are always a must!!).

And of course, no sooner had the glue dried from the bookmark tab, that bookmark had been whipped from my desk and added to the latest book from the library!!!!!

We are really enjoying the holidays. Last week we had a couple of days in The Lakes and it was just gorgeous. We visited a few of our favourite places and found a new favourite too, Levens Hall. Mo LOVED the house and the topiary trees.

We also had our visit from the EHE lady. She comes to visit you to make sure you have yourself sorted for home learning and know roughly what you are aiming for. She was really impressed by all Mo's plans he had written down and even more pleased we had purchased the GCSE's online so we know what to learn. She really liked Mo's 'learning area' in the garage and said how wonderful it was so fingers crossed we are ready to go. It's still a little scary but I really think he can rock it bless him.

Today we are kind of chilling as Scott has gone back to work. I have some laundry and ironing to catch up on and Mo wants to make Nannie's birthday card so I think I'll be able to sneak in a little crafty time too!!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tiddly Inks challenge #228.....Anything TIDDLY INKS goes!!!

Image- Birthday Boy.
Good Morning Tiddly peeps!!

It's time for a new challenge over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog. Many of us are in the throes of summer and either has gorgeous mini peeps at home with us to play with or temperatures that are way too hot for bending our minds with a theme when we can grab a minute to ourselves to craft so this month its...

Anything Tiddly Inks Goes!!
so grab that little bit of time you get and create anything you fancy using your stash of Tiddly goodness!!!
(**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you MUST use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

I just had to go for a boy make and use the gorgeous Birthday Boy. I think he is one of my most used Tiddly images. I just adore his little face and holding that pressie! Too cute!!!

Right, I need to scoot!! Our first EHE visit is today and I need to tidy the kitchen a little from holiday time 'just pop it there' tumbleweeds we have made so far!! everyone has those in holiday time right???!!!

Thank you for popping in, Huge hugs Lou xxx

Sunday, 4 August 2019


Image- Dandelions.
Hi everyone!

I'm nipping in with my weekly make of Dream Team happiness and this week I chose the gorgeous new Dandelions.

She is just an absolute sweetheart isn't she? she just makes me smile from ear to ear hugging her little bunch of dandelion treasures.

I love Dandelions, we blow the seeds off the fluffy ones here to 'tell the time' and Mo still loves doing it.....errrr...but so do I!!! romfl!!!

Right, I need to scoot. There is a cracking thunderstorm going on outside and I simply can't wait for that burst of cool, clear air you get after the great downpour of rain, it's been so muggy here today!

Thank you for popping in on me, Huge Hugs Lou xx

Monday, 29 July 2019

Carry the cake...

Image- Carry the Cake.
Good morning all! 

I'm back in with a post for you today and it's another Carry the Cake make! I can't be the only one who prints out 4 of the same image at a time for later use can I??? I always do it because I just know I won't be able to resist the cuteness again!!

But she is so sweet I can't resist and I had the very last scraps of some of my favourite design papers ever to use up so using this cutie was a must!!

My Little Mo did not wake up until 8:45am!!!! and even then he was only woken up because they started cutting a tree down behind us! I am absolutely loving how relaxed he is starting to feel now. We feel like a lot of the reasons for his super high anxiety levels are gone and he is starting to feel more himself again. It's so beautiful to see. Having a ASD/ADHD little guy,it's always hard for us to try and get things right but this time, I think we have cracked it. So we really feel we are heading for things to work better for him from now on and excited about September for him.

Thank you for popping in! Huge hugs Lou xx

Room Service Edwin....

Good Morning all,

I wanted to share the little recipe book I made for my Little Mo over the weekend with you. From September we will be homeschooling Mo. He loves cooking and baking and we are really keen to keep him going with that during his learning time as not only is it one of his personal interests, but something he feels he may want to do at college  so I thought a little book for him to note his favourite recipes in and practice his neat handwriting would be a lovely thing to start.

And who better to help me do that than Room Service Edwin. The amazing Edwin stamps are often overlooked for the Tilda's but I adore them so much and he was just right for a recipe book!!

I added a little sparkle to his shoes for fun. The little tags on the next photo are from the Doo Hickey 22 kit. I really love the shape of them. To get the wording on there I die cut the tag first. Then I printed out the words I wanted and then adhered the tag over the top and popped it back through the printer so that the tag was printed with the words. I love doing this. It puts such a personal twist on things, especially when you have a child with a name that you don't often find personalised things for!!

Inside I used the little tab die from the Magnolia Stamps Recipe Card die. I popped one on every page until I got to the bottom and then once he has filled those up, I'll pop some more in!! Having the die to be able to do that was really nice and he can write the name of each recipe on the tab when he writes his recipes in.

Now, I can't find these cream flat sequins in the store anymore but I LOVE them. There are a few other colours left HERE. They are fabulous to just dot around your project for a bit of something to catch your eye and if you love making shakers, they are just magical for those!!

The papers are actually from the Maja Design Christmas Season 6x6 pad.I loved the blues and patterns and Mo's favourite colour is blue so they were just perfect for the job too! I love it when a plan comes together!!!

Right, time for this mamma to get a cup of tea and breakfast!! 2 blog posts done and I can hear my tummy growling like a little fuzzy bear who needs some hunny!!!! Have a magical day everyone!

Huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday, 22 July 2019

Shout Out........

Images- Shout Out.
Morning all!!

It's my turn to post over on the Dream Team blog today and I went for a bit of a bright and zingy make using the recently released Shout Out.

I really need a bright and cheery make. This last week has been quite an uphill climb and detour for The Daubney Trio this week. We have removed Mo from his school and will be homeschooling him and have lost one of our super precious rabbits, Kate. So all in all, a bright and zingy card was much needed for a Lou heart!!

Shout Out is such a sweetheart!! and being as I adore rabbits and very sadly lost one of mine this week, I decided to borrow the bunny from Bronte Bits to make it her little drawing on her art on the wall. I really love how cute this came out.

Today we are just going to chill out a little. Mo was quite poorly in the night with a very yucky tummy so we have been awake all night! He finally settled at about 3:50am so today I will be mostly looking like an absolute zombie!! 

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xx

Sunday, 7 July 2019

O Holy Night...

Helloooooo everyone!!

My make for today is a sparkly brand new image that will soon be in the store, Bethlehem.

I just fell in love with it right away and I knew what I wanted to do with it right away too!! Its little elements are just perfect for making a box card so that's just what I did!!

It even comes with that beautiful sentiment. I love the font on this one. I popped both the sentiment and the star out on some foam squares so they stood out a bit from the card.

We have had the most magical weekend. We had a wonderful street Archery competition on Friday night, then binge watched Stranger Things series 3. Then on Saturday and today, we spent over at Scott's Mum and Dad's caravan. It's only an hour away so we drive there in the morning and come back in the evening. Mo has loved practising his fishing (...and Scott too!! lol!!!), he caught 5 fish and one sneaked off the line last minute!! they had 2 great rounds of golf. We played in the arcade and Scott and Mo bowled ( I can't bowl due to silly pain in my hands and wrists but I loved watching them play), had fish and chips for lunch and freshly made hot seaside donuts, sung and danced to Dustin and Suzie singing the Neverending story and just loved being with each other. It's been amazing. I really, really love weekends like this.

We are ending it by watching The Never Ending story since Stranger Things 3 has made Mo 'neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed' to see it again!!!!

Thank you for nipping in to see me, it really does mean such a lot that you all nip in to read my waffling on!!!

Huge Hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Tiddly Inks challenge #227- Under the sea!!

Image- Snorkel Bunny.
Morning everyone!!

I hope you are all waking up to a beautiful day. It's lovely here so the washing machine is on already!!
The challenge this month over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog is....

Under The Sea!!
So, think mermaid/fish/swimming images, get under those waves and into the sea bed with your creations!!

(**remember...We love to see any new creation, a card, 3D project, journal page etc 
but you MUST use a Tiddly Inks stamp or image **)

 and I had the best fun making this card yesterday!! Look how cute this little guy is!!!

Just look how he 'swims' through that bubbly little sea....

It's just too cute!! I LOVE it!! and here's a little side view. You need to remember to colour up the little image under the one you are wobbling too because you do see it quite clearly while the wobble is going on and it looks so much nicer coloured than black and white.

Time for a good drink of water. I have now been coffee free for 9 days. I had gotten myself into a whopping 6 cups a day routine so I'm pulling back by cold turkey then re introducing one a day!! lol!! I actually feel surprisingly great considering so it just shows I didn't really need it!!!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs for you all, Lou xxx

Monday, 1 July 2019

Carry the Cake!!

Image- Carry the Cake.
Background paper- Laura.
Morning everyone!!

Birthday season is well and truly upon me so I have been busy stocking up on good old birthday cards!! I used Carry the Cake for this one and that gorgeous background paper from Laura. I love how it makes such a sweet cloud and sky background for any image to happily sit on. That super cute Happy cake day sentiment comes with Carry the Cake.

The papers I used are golden oldie Doodlebug ones but they are just so cheery I can't resist using them. They have a lovely glossy finish on them too so look so gorgeous with those little green sequins sprinkled around.

We had such a gorgeous weekend. On Saturday we drove over to Bakewell and had a magical day of exploring and Geocaching and on Sunday we took a drive to Hemswell to have a look around the car boot sale. Scott and Mo have a hobby of collecting 50p coins together so they look for people selling those. They are also doing the same with £2 coins and they found a few they have been looking for yesterday so they were ever so pleased!! 

Right, time for me to get my butt into gear!! I am really rather desperately starting to wish for the end of school term now and Mo is very much the same. He is absolutely tired out and ready to stop now. I really do feel for him, and any other amazing little ASD peeps that suffer hugely with anxiety, by this time of term. Mo can normally go a good 3 weeks and then it all begins to get way too much for him to deal with bless him. I really do feel for them so much in my heart, can you even imagine having a medical diagnosis that means you cannot cope well with social situations only to have to go to one of the biggest ones each day? but we are almost there! It's the 1st of July today so we have just 18 more days until school finishes!!

Thank you so much for popping in, Huge hugs Lou xx

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Mo's Digital Pencil merging fun!!!

Good Morning All!!

I'm in for you today and I have a super sweet little make using the new Bethy's Wagon set (PNG) and Belated Birthday Sloth and Peeking Sloth.

I absolutely adore merging images and the new PNG version of Bethy's Wagon is an absolute dream to play with. It is cram packed full of super little wagon fillers but my Little Mo always helps me choose my DT image on a Sunday morning for my make and this week he chose Belated Birthday and Peeking Sloth! well, I couldn't resist popping Peeking Sloth in that little wagon for a lazy Free Ride!!!!

I absolutely love how it turned out!!! I used my shiny brand new Mama Elephant Wiper Surprise die and Mama Elephant Mini Everyday messages stamp set for that super sweet little pop up surprise sentiment! I LOVE it!!

The Lawn Fawn Puffy Clouds die was just perfect not only to cut that fun skyline but also because I could use the cut edge of the cardstock left from cutting the cloud to do my distress ink sky!! wahoooooooooo! it's like 2 uses in one die!!!!!
....I still can't get over how cute the sloth looks just chillin' on his ride!!! I love him so much!!!!

And how does it work??? well, just like this.....

We have had the best family day today. It was Nanna's 90h birthday meal and it was so lovely to spend some time with everyone, plus, I got to see my big boy too so that meant all 3 of my gorgeous boys together and nothing makes my daft Mamma heart happier than that.

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx

Friday, 21 June 2019

Awesome Tilda!!!!

Hello everyone! 

Thank crunchie it's Friday!!! I'm ready for the weekend this week! sometimes I just want to curl up in that family bubble! we have a big birthday celebration for Scott's lovely Nanna this weekend and I'm really looking forward to a catch up with everyone. 

And onto my make for today!! I wanted to make a little encouragement card. Luckily, there was just the die I needed, the Roxstamps special die- Awesome and the Tilda, Magnolia stamps Fixer Upper Tilda stamp that would fit just perfectly on top of what my little Lou mind had planned!!! yey!!!

Now, I LOVE paper piecing and the papers in the Maja Designs Denim Girls 6x6 pad are just spot on perfect for stamped images clothing. The pattern on the paper I chose for this one is the most delicately beautiful little flowers.

And who could resist using the stunning little Magnolia Bon Voyage Dragonflies dies? I never can! They are just the right mix of pretty to lift a blank space on your card without shouting hey look at me!!! I adore them!! I cut 2 from the scraps I had in my paper stack.

Let's just take a closer look at the fabulous Roxstamps special die- Awesome. Did you know that these were made just for Swedish housecrafts store? I think its just fabulous. I love that curvy text so much. I cut it in kraft cardstock them mounted it up on foam pads to make it pop, then I carefully did the same with the teeny negative cuts to make the word whole. I really love how it came out.

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx