Tuesday 16 December 2014

Snow Day....

Image- Snow Day from Mo's Digital Pencil.
(snowflake Kraft a retired Pink petticoat paper)
Morning everyone!!

I hope you are all waking up to a terrific tuesday! we are here! its Mo's 10th birthday and we have been awake since 2:30am...romfl!!!!! I did manage to get one excited little man back to sleep for a couple more hours but by 4:45am the excitement was just too much and we got up!! lol!!

I'll pop a couple of piccies of his cake on in a minute but first I need to waffle on some about this card!! eeeeep! I love this little image! its such a cute one and I was in a card with pop kinda mood so I went for a stepper one. They are simple but really effective cards to make and I love how they turn out.

..and onto the little guy's cake!! oooh I had fun with this one!! I am not a great cakey baker at all but I do adore making my family their birthday cakes instead of buying one, it just feels more special.

I had to go for a Lego's theme this year, Mo LOVES his Lego's so I bought a couple of molds from ebay and got busy melting candy melts for little men and lego bricks, then for the grey board looking icing I got ready roll icing in grey and sqooshed it over the bottom of one of Mo's grey lego baseboards.

I am very proud of my little '10' scene...I maked that all by myself!! romfl!!!!!!!!

Right, I had better get a wriggle on. School run time is creeping up and I need to get my hair brushed and look like I haven't been awake for hours and could actually do with zonking back out to sleep!!!!

Thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xx