Tuesday 29 May 2012

Cool Britannia!!!

Morning Peeps!!!

Phew it was a hot one yesterday!! I missed my crafty time last night because dopey one here fell asleep after Mo read me a story...romfl!!! ( yes, I am that dopey!! woke up in Mo's bed where we had both been fast asleep for 1 hr 30 mins....!!!) so I have been busy in my little crafty garage this morning making this little Wryn ( I adore her, she is most definitely a new fav!!!!) into another jubilee themed card. Luckily the girls over on the passion for promarkers blog had an inspiration photo up this morning so that kicked my colour choices into action!!

The little flag is actually cut from a sheet of wrapping paper that my mum bought me last week! it had little different sized flags all over it and they are all different patterns!! I just added a little spotty ribbon and a little starfish charm then printed out the sentiment on my pooter.

Luckily today it is a little cooler. Little Mo's reaction to his suncream is much better after a few days on piriton so I won't get to see him at lunch time for a snuggle top up today!! I have a whole bed full of ironing after the awesome drying day we had yesterday but I have shut the door on that!! romfl!!!! and I am going to have a spot of lunch and get some card orders finished.....well.....try....!!!!

Here's a little bundle of promarkers used for you.....
.....yeah ok so I admit it...I took the photo of the pens, skipped inside happily to load them on and then realised that I had taken the photo with the pens upside down...love photoshop rotate button....:) :)

So this little cutie is going to pop in on a couple of challenges today, they are....

Thank you for popping in on me.
Huge hugs Lou xxx