Friday 1 May 2015

Hush Little Bunny...

Stamp- Gorjuss Hush Little Bunny.
Morning everyone!!!

I hope you are all waking up to fabbalicious fridays! I am!! I have a little teeny bit of tiling to do in Little Mo's bathroom and then I can paint it so it should be finished this weekend!! wohoooo! it's looking so lovely.

Yesterday I got my MISTI and I had t give it a whirl!!! and after waffling with my budette AlyceI just had to get my new Gorjuss stamp out of it's box and ink it up!!! Now..I have to be honest because you all know how I craft..I am a I popped her on my MISTI and splodged some ink on then excitedly pressed her onto my paper, lifted it up and oh man!! totally forgot her feet!! lol! her little toes were not there at all! poor gorjuss! so I had a lil panic and then remebered I had a MISTI now so I could jut pop some ink on the bit I missed and re stamp (..I was worried about this, I suck at re stamping like a leech to blood!!) so i held my breath and just went for it and omg!! it didn't even smudge a teensy bit out of place!! so cool!!!!!

And lining up my sentiment for the heart cut was sooo easy too (...yeah...I normally get that bit of to one side or too high or too low!!!) but with my MISTI I could just squoosh it to where I wanted it, holding my heart still with the little magnet!! awesome sauce!!!!

OOOOOH!! and a teensy update on Little Mo's Big Bike Ride..... £211.31 !!!!! you should hear the little mini man whoops and squee's!! he is just finding this so exciting!!

Anywhoo! that's me for today!! Tiling and painting is calling me!!!