Wednesday 29 February 2012

A man card.......arghhhhhh :) :) :)

(just for men colourway)
Morning peeps!!!

How are you all today? Great I hope. I am thinking of my mum today, as I type she will be in spinal surgery having 4 discs removed from her back as she has a tumour that has wrapped itself deep into 3 of then and has attached itself to the 4th. Thankfully they do not think the tumour is cancer but if it is left there it will strangle mum's spinal chord :( so if you have a little space in your prayers today could you please pop my mum in them.

And so on with card Lou!!! ok, so who loves making cards for people and then you get the man card orders and you say " yeah, sure I can whip something up" ...then go into a cold sweat and panic because it de dehhhhh... A MAN CARD... I do!!!!!! :) I got an order last week for a 6oth birthday card for a dad.

So in order to help me I printed off some of my fav birthday papers from the Happy Happy birthday cd rom. I am determined after drooling over Pops beautiful rectangle cards recently to make more rectangle cards myself, I have loads! they just sit in my cupboard and I kinda shake everytime I pick one up because my dopey head just can't seem to work around them!!!

I decided to make a manly shirt card. I made the shirt and then thought for  a bit of extra fun I would put the 60 inside the shirt on a bit of acetate so it pops up when the shirt is opened ( warned...when you do something fun like that you will sit and pop it open for no reason then giggle each time.......!!!)

I adhered the shirt to a big tag that I had popped a punched bit of kraft card onto and a bit of ric rac ribbon. I popped some crochet tool around the layers and threaded a kraft paper heart through it, I love that bit, it looks cute!

I cut the word Dad on my cricut in shadow and normal, then layered it up and glossy accented it to make it look shiny.
Here's a piccy of the pop up 60!! too fun!!!

So thats my make for today! Challenges I am entering with this one are...

Dream valley challenges- Just for men
Allsorts- its your choice

I had an awesome night at church last night! the kitchen was all dusty and broken so we had chippy shop chips and mushy peas and the lessons last night were so uplifting. I left church feeling on top of the world.

To get to the village I live in from town you have to go up a long steep hill. As I drove home I noticed an elderly man walking slowly at the bottom of it with 3 heavy looking bags, in my rear view mirror I saw him put one down and rub his hands so I knew they were heavy. I turned my car right around and went and picked him up and man I am so pleased I did because when I helped him take off his back pack it was so heavy. 
He had come all the way from California to visit his daughter who lives in my village!! he had come into the train station ( which is quite a way from where I saw him) and our village bus service is so hit and miss. I dropped him off where he asked me to and I am just so pleased I could help him, he was lovely. 
He had been travelling for ages,from california to florida, and then onto england, I think there were even a couple more places as he ssaid he had flown in with the navy because he was ex navy. I just feel so happy knowing I helped. I hope he has a lovely visit with his daughter.

Right, I am off to make Mo's lunch for school !
thank you for popping inon me!
huge hugs Lou xxx