Monday 19 September 2016

Rocket Chair.

Image- Rocket Chair.

Morning everyone.

For my make today I was determined to colour up an image I have never tried from the store and whilst peeking through the pages I saw this Rocket Chair image and he just made my day so of course it had to be him.

Our weekend included so much fun with Mo but also time spent watching the Paralympics and the movie, The Martian, so it seemed right to listen to what my heart said when I saw this little guy in the store. He just seemed so inspiring and I could wait to colour him up.

Today I am working on shaking myself out of the worrying mummy slumpy I seem to be in! Secondary school seems such a big thing to me still but luckily my Little Mo seems to be taking it all in his stride so its time for mummy to pull up the big girl pants and sort myself into a good routine to stop me worrying so much!

Thank you for popping in
Lou xx