Sunday 18 March 2012

Mo in the daffodil field, Mothers day and stuff!!

 Mo in the daffodil field!
Hello Peeps!
here in the UK, its Mothers Day today and I have had the best day so I wanted to share it with you all.

It began with being woken up to a breakfast tray that held marmite on toast (my favourite brekkie) and acup of tea. Mo was beaming with the hugest smile and said

" I love you mummy. Its a mosey made breakfast mummy! I had help with the tea though!"

Then it was off to Twycross zoo. Scott took his camera to try and catch a few piccies of me and Mo so there are 2 here of us playing on the space net!! Mo loves it when I bounce him on it,he giggles so much we think he is going to let go!!!! :)

 I love this one!! its so cute!!
Anyone who knows me will know that I totally don't do having my own photo taken so these ones will be treasured!

So the stunning piccy right at the top of this post was taken by Scott, this is how it came about.
When we got home there was time for a quick cuppa before we needed to take the fluffy princess Holly out for her walk. The sunshine was beautiful so we headed off for our viking way walk and when we got there today we saw a whole field of daffodils! Well, Mo and Holly were off to explore that like a shot!! Scott and I couldn't keep up with them running down the field!! ( is it that when you are 7 and running full pelt down a bumpy hill you stay upright...when you are 34 and attempting to walk down the hill you splonk over a few times before you reach child of 7...!!!)
By the time we had reached Mo at the bottom he was in awe of all the daffodils and had sat himself down right in the middle of a huge patch. He was looking at them, deep in concentration and so gently, it was so lovely to watch and he sat there for ages whilst Holly lolloped in and out of all the clumps and played in the sunshine.
Scott snapped a few piccies of Mo and then Mo wombled around the field choosing some daffodils for me to take home. 
I love days like this so very much. I will treasure them forever, safe in the knowledge that I didn't miss them or pass them by. Mo will be little just once so I am going to treasure as many moments as I can, give him my time whenever he wants it, do the things he needs and wants to do (...within reason....popping to the moon just for the day and being home for sleep time at night might be tricky....) I love him sooooo much and I am very proud to be his mummy.

Thank you for letting me waffle on and share these special piccies with you. They will definitely be getting scrap paged/ smash booked soon!!
Happy Mothers Day to all of you too!

Huge hugs Lou xxxx