Wednesday 28 August 2013

Butterfly Kisses...

Stamp- Make a wish.
Afternoon Peeps!!!
I hope you are all having an awesome day, I am having one of those chill out have a bit of a play days!!

This stamp just shouted at me this morning, she is just adorable and the sentiments that come with the set are just gorgeous.
Pure Innocence - Make a Wish
Isn't she adorable?!!  I decided to colour and paper piece today so her dress and shoes are paper pieced. I love paper piecing,its so much fun! ( ...however i do now want a yellow butterfly dress for myself...!!!)

I layered up a few fishtail flags layers and then cut the butterflies to decorate here and there!! can you tell I am in a happy floaty mood today?!!! he he he he!!!

well, I am going to pootle off now. I have been invited to the party going on on my drive! ( 3 little peeps, a paddling pool with 3 chairs around it which is apparently a foot spa...a tent, a bottle of coke from darren next dor and packet of crisps from allen the other side so we should all be set!!!)

Have an awesome afternoon peeps, thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxxx