Monday 12 August 2019

Country Boy......

Image- Country Boy.
Morning all!

I'm in with a post for you today using the super sweet new Country Boy from Mo's Digital Pencil.

My Little Mo picks the images I use for my Monday post and he LOVED this little boy with his chicken and wanted something making for him with it because he loved it so much so I went for a bookmark ( he reads soooooo much that bookmarks are always a must!!).

And of course, no sooner had the glue dried from the bookmark tab, that bookmark had been whipped from my desk and added to the latest book from the library!!!!!

We are really enjoying the holidays. Last week we had a couple of days in The Lakes and it was just gorgeous. We visited a few of our favourite places and found a new favourite too, Levens Hall. Mo LOVED the house and the topiary trees.

We also had our visit from the EHE lady. She comes to visit you to make sure you have yourself sorted for home learning and know roughly what you are aiming for. She was really impressed by all Mo's plans he had written down and even more pleased we had purchased the GCSE's online so we know what to learn. She really liked Mo's 'learning area' in the garage and said how wonderful it was so fingers crossed we are ready to go. It's still a little scary but I really think he can rock it bless him.

Today we are kind of chilling as Scott has gone back to work. I have some laundry and ironing to catch up on and Mo wants to make Nannie's birthday card so I think I'll be able to sneak in a little crafty time too!!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx