Monday 12 March 2012

Pop's inspired pen storage and Mo surfing!!!

Morning Peeps!!
Its a quicky dash in for me this morning as Little Mo and I are waiting for his friend Sophia to arrive for breakfast!!!

I just had to share with you the new promarker pen holder Scott made me last night. My old one was absolutely gorgeous but totally full so I had lots of pens in a tub underneath so when my gorgeous friend Pop's shared a picture her new promarker storage box she had made with a fish egg filtery tray (...I bought 2 trays so I can make a little movey box too!!) the little cogs in my head started whurring as to how fab it would be to use one in my crafty room too to replace the overflowing one.

Poor Scott, we had such a busy day yesterday but he is just the most awesome person and it was done in 30 mins!!!!! we cut the tray in half using a hack saw blade (...woodcutter style with me holding one end and Scott holding the other!!!!), then he popped one piece straight onto the wall and then attached a thick strip of wood over the top. Then he attached the next piece over the top but up a little so that the pens slide in and have support so they don't wibble out whenever I pull a colour out!!

Please excuse the disasterous mess underneath...I will tidy that today.....:)

I am so pleased and mega,mega thanks go to Pop's for sharing her awesome box. Today I will be popping my gel pens and a the few copics I have in the bottom rows that are stuffed in a box under my craft desk, it will be so lovely to have them all out so I don't have to dig through the box!

Wowzers was yesterday a beautiful day!! it was so summery here that we bundled off to the beach! Mo wanted to do some surfing, which he got busy with as soon as we got there!!! he stripped off to his swimmers faster than lightening and was off in the waves before we got half way down the beach!! he loved it!!
Here he is waiting for the wave....:)
 There were hundreds of starfish washed up on the beach, due to the full moon and low tide. It was just so exciting for Mo! he loved looking at them all, though there were plenty of "eeeeuuuuuuw"s when there were huge ones!! he definitely prefred the little ones!! anywhoo, this is a piccy of our favourite one. Mo spent ages looking at this one because
"it's got too many starry bits"
LOL!!! when we got home and I popped the picture on my computer Mo jumped on my knee, hid his head and said....
"arggggghh, Mummy, theres an eye looking at us from the sand"
he he he he :) He was right to because a 2 shells with a poor starfish leg over them do look like an eye up there on the top right!!!

Well, its time for a cuppa and a play for us now as Sophia has just arrived so I will catch up with my bloggy dashboard later!!
Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in on little ole me :)
Lou xxxx