Friday 18 October 2013

Shabby Saturday!!!!

Good Morning peeps!!!

Over at Funky Hand HQ we thought we would have a bit of a 'Forgotten Funkies' showcase!!! and each month our fabulous Funkette's will be on our Get Funky and Craft inspiration blog showing off some new makes with our older downloads. 

Today's showcase is centered all around the stunning Shabby Saturday download. It is full of gorgeous soft pinks and limes and really just quite delicious!!!

Shabby Saturday
I teamed my fabulous papers up with some garden hessian and die cut buttons. Don't forget to pop in on the gorgeous Funkette's post HERE on the Get Funky Inspiration blog.

The last couple of days in our house have been really quite emotional. Many of you will know that Little Mo really struggles with school and recently he has been struggling so much that he has not been sleeping at night ( he is the best sleeper ever so this is a big indicator of a not so happy boy) 
Scott and I have been worried about it for quite some time and a couple of things have happened that if his teachers really knew him they would know would really upset Mo because of the way his nerves are, how he panics, and little head works, so we felt it was time to move him to another school and have spent some time this term looking at places that we felt as parents Mo would feel more secure. We did not tell Mo any of this, we just encouraged him to keep trying at his current school.
We finally found the most perfect school for Mo on the recommendation of a friend this about cutting it fine with half term!!! and I took him to visit on wednesday night and he LOVED it. I took Scott yesterday and he LOVED it so although we are sad at leaving his old school, which is a truly wonderful school but just not right for Mo, we are very very excited about the new school and Mo is over the moon.
Which in turn makes me feel like a very very bad mummy for not changing things sooner and I am so very sad that his current school just didn't work out for him :( there have been lots and lots of mummy meltdown tears and long phonecalls with gorgeous friends to try and sort me out! this has been such a hard, draining and mahoosive decision for us.

So I am so sorry I have not been bloggy visiting like I normally do but I just haven't been able to focus very well on anything at all until this was all sorted. I will be back to my normal nosey selfie over the weekend!!

Huge hugs and thank you's for popping in on me
Lou xxxxx