Thursday 20 November 2014

Snow Pals...

Image- Snow Pals from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning all!!

I have been totally zoned out by a tummy bug for the last couple of days so couldn't get Little Mo's christmas card finished up until I felt a little more umpf this morning!! I have had this uber cute little Snow Pals image coloured up and ready to go for a couple of weeks now but only got him cut out last week and the card finished off this morning!! but I was determined to get it done since Mo got last years card so late!!

I need to jiggle my lights in my photo set up some but don't feel up to it today so it was a good old case of click and go so please excuse the dark edges on the piccy!!

I coloured up his furry bits on his coat to look like seal fur, I couldn't resist since he to me is a little eski-Mo!! he he he!!! It has a bit of blue on it as blue is Mo's favourite colour.

Right. got to rusheroo off. I am determined to stay out of bed today and stay awake! I have my big bridget jones styla pants on with a lovely heat pad attached to them to curb the tummy cramps and I am going to try and get some fresh air with the dogs today ( I will totally end up zonking out on the settee but I am going to have a good go at it all anyway!!!!)
Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx