Saturday 28 March 2009

My big little boy is 9!!!!

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I have got the dreaded coldy lergy again but have had a really,really nice day. We woke up early as always and still not able to take Little mo for his swimming lesson as he has had an awful ear infection and hasn't been able to swim without lots of pain.
So we all jumped in the car and went for a drive to nottingham to go to hobbycraft, I got a couple of tiny bits from there and the had a womble around the range ( i find it a bit muddled in there!!) and got myself some little quickcutz rockers to help me learn how to stamp! Then we spent the afternoon around our kitchen table maikng things, Mo had his bindeez, I was making my challenge card for the UK crafters thread on the cricut mb and scott and ryan were making an airfix plane they bought in hobbycraft!!! The weather was awful today so this was a nice treat for us all.
Monday was my 'big' little boys 9th birthday ( wow, time goes so fast!!!) so me and Mo have been busy making birthday cards. Ryan is a really big football fan so we went with a football theme. I have decided there is nothing more magical than sitting at the table with my 4 year old and making cards, he loves it.
A while ago Enfys made a football card with these football stickers and I loved them, I went and bought them and have been hiding them ever since!!!! For my card I used one of the footballs for the 'o' in son and cut an 's' and 'n' with my doodletye cart. The wording on the card is done on my computer using 'bend it' font from dafont (this has been one of my most used freebie downloads!!!!) and my first attempt at stamping is the footballs on the base card!!!!! ( i know, not great but I am going for a class next week!!) for the inside I printed out a picture of my mini Beckham!! he was very pleased with it.
Mo decided he needed to draw ryan playing football and put a birthday hat on it so it looked like he was playing 'goals' on his birthday!!!! I love his card, it is sooooo cute and he loves making things next to mummy, magic times for me!!!
Thankyou for popping in xxxxxxxx