Wednesday 17 March 2021

A little make for me!!


Image- Woodsie Friends from Krista Smith Stamps.

Papers- Echo Park Witches and Wizards pack 1.

Good Morning all!

Well my not so little guy is still fast asleep after a bit of a marathon Agatha Christie read on his kindle last night. He is on Murder on the orient express. He has seen the film at least 12 times but decided he rather needed to read the real thing too! with charity bookshops being closed he hasn't been able to buy any more of the 'real' thing so resorting to Kindle has happened a lot recently!!

I thought whilst he is still snoring away I would have a cuppa and 5 mins to write a blog post and share the journal I made for myself last week with you. It's soooooo good to make yourself something now and again and I loved making this.

I have to say I am finding distress ink colouring so relaxing. I think it is definitely going to be the way forward for me in colouring. I just need to start looking for a better laser printer I think. My Epson workforce died on me last year and I replaced it with a canon but I do miss that watertight durabrite ink my workforce smashed out so much. For now, I am using Scott's cheap little Brother laser printer so it's not all bad!

To keep my journal papers and image all nice and safe I gave it a good old spray with satin sealer. There's nothing sadder than getting a splodge of tea on your lovely work and it running is there? ...not that I can pre-empt my utter clumsiness at all......bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Right, time to sneak in another cuppa before Captain was small but not so small comes down the stairs!!! Thank you so much for nipping in! Huge hugs, Lou xxx