Thursday 3 June 2010

Tiddly Inks challenge- going goth!!!

Good morning everybody!!
I am just enjoying my last morning of staying in my PJ's until 8am!!!! and this morning is especially good as I have managed to get my Tiddly Inks challenge card done!! yey me!!! Lots of piccies today!!!

I was so inspired by the DT's fab creations and had an idea in mind really quickly (....a miracle for me!!! romfl!!!) and I treated myself to the very suave but goth charles with tulips from Tiddly Inks on my birthday, He is just gorgeous. As I was colouring him with his blue tulip and blue tinted hair all I could think of was Edward from twilight or Keanu from the matrix , both yummy!!!! He actually has a clear sparkle finish on his face but after no less than 12 photo's I can't get it to show up so I have given up!!!!! I then cut him out and left a little rectangle below his feet that I could fold back to get him to stand up. I placed him on my base so that when the card is folded he just lays down with no squishing of him occurring!!!!!
I googled gothic card before I started to go to far ( I knew I wanted to do an arch shaped card but not quite how!!) and I found this awesome card by a lady called Kriss, here is a link to her gorgeous card. Mine is a little different in size and I kept a square base and also hand drew myself an an arched window frame for the front ,but big huge thanks to Kriss for her amazing inspiration.

The dreamy moon backing paper is from the super freebie that Christy put on the Tiddly Inks paper craft planet group for us, I love it. I re sized it so that it would cover my arch shapes and printed it straight onto both sides of my card stock. I inked the edges with distress ink ( I think it was called denim ...can't remember!!!)

For the inside of my card I cut out one of the moons I had left in my scrap paper and embossed it. I stuck it on my card with silicone and then used some woodware fluffy stuff to get the whispy clouds.
The black swirly floor under charles feet is actually a wallpaper sample that I cut to size to fit my little square!!! ( got to love B&Q!!!) I used it for the window frame on the front too.
Well, I think I remembered everything!!!
Thank you so much for popping in on me, I love all my cyber buddies,new and old to bits and your comments always brighten my day!!

Big hugs, Lou xxxx