Tuesday 18 December 2012

LOTV Baby Blanket...awwwww!!

Morning peeps....well just into afternoon really but hey ho!!!! at least I am here!!! romfl!!!

I am feeling so much better today, still icky coughy but no accompanying dizzy head and achiness so I am on the mend me thinks!! and thats a good job as  had a couple of chrimbles orders to get finished!!

I stamped and paper pieced, coloured and added fun flock to the little blanket of my stamped baby blankets over a week ago but never got any further than that with all the poorlies and busy in our house so it was a relief to get some crafty time this morning whilst furball princess snoozled away in her crate.

I absolutely adore this little stamp, its one of my absolute favs and just so cute. These 2 cards are for my friend's little boy to give to his Godparents ( he is also absolutely gorgeous and one of mine and mo's fav little people, he's so cute you could eat him up!!)

a bit of Lou fiddly foo later and there were 2 super cute little cards sitting looking at me from the mess that was formerly my craft desk and is now an explosion of stuff!!! he he he!!!

So how are you all getting on with your chrimbliness anyway?! I am super behind with everything, haven't even made my own christmas cards yet...oooops!! must get on with that and the present wrapping is going to do itself tonight while I sleep.........lol!!! 

Thank you so much for popping in on me,
Huge hugs Lou xxxxx