Thursday 13 June 2013

a bit more fathers day!!

 Morning peeps!!

I have had a couple of super busy days so my bloggy has been sleepying while I got on with an induction day for my new job at Tesco's!! I am so excited about it!! I will be working 2 nights from 10pm until 7am which is just perfect as I know Mo and Poppy will be tucked up safe at home with daddy while I am working and I don't need to worry, perfect!!

So this morning I have been getting on with a few fathers day cards that I had kinda forgotten to add to my list of bits to make...gulp!! but these are my fav man cards to make, I love these little shirts so much and I tucked a little happy fathers day circle sentiment inside them too.

Now, when you sit at your table and all of a sudden think hmmmmmmm, the furball princess is kinda quiet and go to investigate why this is what you might find......
yup!! she is fast asleep in there!! she has been playing with this football for about 2 weeks now and managed to get the ball out of the 'skin' this morning. I went into the lounge to find her fast asleep in the shell!!! too funny!! so naturally I had to snap a piccy of it!! too funny!!

It is supposed to be sports day today for Mo but as yet I am unsure as its started to rain :( hoping it clears up before 2:45pm!!!!

Have an awesome day peeps! huge hugs Lou xxx