Thursday 11 January 2018

Donut worry, be happy.....

Image- Molly's Donut.
Morning all!!

I've been so busy just enjoying some colouring time this week that I have totally forgotten to blog some makes!! lol!! but Donut worry!!!! Molly's Donut and I have a share all delicious and ready this morning!! he he!!

Before I forget also, I have some super duper exciting news!! My mammogram came back NED ( no evidence of disease)!! wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I feel soooo good about that!! just 5 more Herceptin injections to go and I will be done with ongoing treatment!! I am just waiting for my CT scan results for my lungs now but I'm super sure they will be tickety-boo too!!

Anywhoo! back to Molly's Donut! she's just so cute and I couldn't resist adding some real cake sprinkles to her donut whilst the glossy accents was wet!! I love how she turned out!

Right, the school run awaits me!!! oooooooh!! I lead an exciting life me!! 

Thank you for popping in and huge hugs, Lou xxxx