Monday 14 February 2011

Love at first byte!!!

Recipe for love!!
Promarkers- robot- pear green ,mint green and sandstone.
chair- sandstone and caramel
laptop- cool grey 3 and 4.
apple- berry red and pastel beige.

Morning peeps!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

This card is my gorgeous hubby's valentines card from me. Anybody who knows us will know that Scott is a complete and utter gadget boy and awesome with computers. He is also a completely awesome husband and I am thankful for him every single day, not just on valentines day!!!!
We had a lovely night last night watching Russell Crowe in Robin  Hood. I loved it!!
I have been spoilt rotten for valentines day with some new pj's, a lounge suit and the 3 twilight films on blue ray.
I will be able to share the gift I have made for Scott on thursday!!! though its not as fancy as all the bits I got for valentines day!!! bless him, he's such a super guy and I love him so much. Sorry for the soppiness but he really is an amazing guy.
Love at first byte from Tiddly Inks was the perfect image for a card made especially for my hubby and the papers from Funky Hands Colour Me Happy and just amazing because they are fab for a boy card in this colourway and the dashy one so reminds me of computers and robots!!!
Mo is off for a school trip to the castle this morning which he is very excited about and I am off to work. It was grossand grey when we woke up but the sun is beginning to shine a bit now so I am hopeful it will clear up and be a jolly day after all.
Anyway, pack up to make so better get moving!
Huge hugs
Lou xxxx