Saturday 15 October 2011

Little Mo, allergies and mo scribbles!!!

 Morning peeps!!!
Its a bit of a mo post this morning as we have had a funny couple of days here! After my post on thursday morning everything went a bit wrong......

What a day!! we wake up and mo is still a bit blotchy but adamant he wants to go to school....ring docs, they cant get him in , grrrrrrrr. I get to school and he looks a little more blotchy so I pop in to chat to the secretary and deputy head. I told them I was a bit worried about the rash but he was his normal self and I cant get him into the docs, they say better not have him at school today so pop to the drop in centre ( doh lou, why didnt i think of that when docs said no??) so I ring work to let them know I might not be a bit late or not in as mo is unwell.ring scott, pick him up on way as he works nr the drop in centre, he drops us of at the centre and drives off to park the car at work.In the drop in centre, awesome lady Dr, I take mo's shirt off and arrrggghhhh the blotches are mahoosive!!! oh my days! says mo is having an allergic reaction to something he has eaten and to keep up with the piriton and if he satrts coughing or wheezing we have to go straight to casualty    

....... its gets better though...... get prescritption and go out, ring scott to let him know we are on our way to him at work...he says "hang on baby because i didnt get back to work, the car has died....." arghhhhhhhhhhh  bless him, he had to push it to a safe place and then we had to walk to him at the car and wait for the breakdown truck. they started it and told me not to stop or stall it on the way home as the battery is as flat as a pancake!!!

Anywho, the piccy above is mo just before he went to bed last night, his face was a bit redder then the piccy but he is oodles better this morning on his face. His body still looks a bit yukky but it has definitely gone down.

The little piccies below are the ones he drew really quickly while we were watching 'Eight Below' on thursday night ( that is one lovely film, mo loved it.) Like me ,mo has a stationary addiction and he lurves little jotter pads, he has them all over the house but we don't mind at all because when you flick through them you find notes like these.......

 he he he!! I love how he captured my looks and drew a little line through the 's' he didn't like the look of!!!
 OMGoodness, I love this one because I totally agree, daddy's snuggles are fine!! ( scott was ever so slightly worried about the bald head though.....:)  )
and Mr. Zaky is our dog. I love this one as Zak and mo have a very special relationship. Zak was not at all keen on ryan when he was little and used to growl at him an awful lot if he went near him. By the time mo was born he had mellowed a little but we were still worried he would do the same with mo. We needn't of worried though as he layed down by mo's moses basket from the second we put mo in it when we got home and hasn't really left his side since.
Right, I had better get myself into gear. I did no crafting at all yesterday as I was just so worn out by everything that I slept!!!
Have a great saturday peeps!! I might be back later with a creation or 2.....
hugs Lou xxxxx