Thursday 24 April 2014

Little Fawn.....

Image- Little Fawn.
Morning everyone!!

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week. I decided to colour up my gorgeous Little Fawn from Saturated Canary yesterday. I was a bit excited about her because she is just so whimsical, I love those little twiggy antlers.

I decided to go kinda mossy with her hair as I decided she was a child of nature!! she actually has a bit of sparkle....
Isn''t she just the cutest?! I made some dotty evening cloudy sky. I really like that! it was a bit of an experiment but I LOVE how it turned out.

So I can't be the only mamma who is missing their mini peep this week now school is back in action?!! I have been kind of wombling around the house (trying to restore order under the piles of half term toys left  everywhere!!!!) but the sad truth is I just LOVE having holiday time with my little guy. He rocks my world! but do you know what the best thing is?! he actually wants to go back to school now! daft as it sounds that is just so amazingly special for a mummy who has had so many years of sobbing and desperation from him not to go at the old school. I feel like I am in an uber calm bubble with his schooling now he is so happy at the school he has been at since november,its just wonderful!!

Right, time to feed my furball princess! she is kinda staring at me from where she is sat next to me because she knows its breakfast time!!!

Hugs hugs Lou xx