Monday 12 January 2009

I feel so honoured & quite blubbery!! but in a good way!!

I got this from Enfys!!! I am just speechless. This is such a lovely surprise and I feel so honoured. I haven't had my little blog for that long and I really didn't think anyone would be that bothered about looking at it!!! I look today and I have 26 followers ( this is a lot for me!! I didn't think I would get any!!) Thankyou so much Enfys, I am honoured to have recieved this from you as you are one of the people who really inspires me and I love your blog.

I think that I pass this on now so here I go. There are so many I would love to pass it on to but I am going to do 5 people like Enfys did!! ( I will have to search for a different award picture for Enfys later as I don't want to give her the same award twice!!) This is Kate's blog, like mine it is quite new but she has some cool cards on there I love. I lurve shelley's cards, there is no patterned paper available that she cannot match together perfectly and her cards are breathtaking, she is awesome. For my lovely Julie just because her cards are amazing and she is lovely xx For Jason because he is a breath of fresh air between all us chicks and a fantastic scrapper and card maker. There are no words to thank Susan for everything she does for everybody, I know her blog and the tie she takes to do tutorials and files have been invaluable to me and I love her blog.A very, very special lady.

There are so many more I love but this is a start!!

I am going now to do the hapy dance around my room for my blog award xxxx