Saturday 24 January 2015

Tiddly Inks new release....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!

Image- Wryn's Cookie.
Papers- Tiddly Inks Cookie Bugg paper.

ok so I am totally beyond excited this morning!! I have been sitting on my hands wanting to share these cuties for a couple of weeks now but finally the day is here and wohoooooooo!!! its the new release date for the Wryn's and Sweet Tooth's!! you can find them all HERE in the shop waiting for you!!!

Please make sure you pop on over to Christy's blog ....but please get some waterproof protection for your keyboards/ phones/ iPads before you go because you will uber drool at the Tiddly Inkers makes! they are amazing!!!

Today I am just sharing Wryn's cookie with you...mmmm...well at least I am for this morning!! lol!! I am sure I will have to squeesh another one in later!!!!! he he he!!!!! they are way too cute not to blurb all out in one post but then I think they need a post each, no sharing on these cuties!!

Wryn's cookie comes with the cutest little sentiments too, I chose one smart cookie!! and of course Christy's cookie paper that I have had for ages. I love my Tiddly Papers, there's loads to choose from (... she should totally make more so feel free to tell her so!!! romfl!!)

They are of course, in digital image and clear stamp format...swoon!! so Christy has covered all angles of crafty needs there!! he he he!!!

Right, got to go...need to go drool at the girls makes again!! come with me! they are HERE!!

Huge hugs Lou xxx