Monday 13 December 2010

Jesus and the bicycles.....

I know, no card or creation but I just had to share with you little mo's wise words of the day!!!
We went to his nativity play today which was gorgeous!! and when we got in the car to take him home this is what he said....

"mummy do you know? Jesus and his bicycles wanted some peace and quiet to have a nice meal together so they went to a little town and there was lots of people in there already mummy and they didn't have any food but one little boy did and he gived Jesus some food and do you know what happened then mummy? ...Jesus breaked up the food and it fed everybody, Jesus, his bicycles, the old mans and ladies and the children. Wow mummy, wasn't Jesus clever? and do you know what mummy, one of Jesus' bicycles never stopped believing in him, not for one minute"

Oh I tell you!!! Scott and I were trying so hard no to laugh at the 'bicycles' which is meant to be disciples but how cute can this little guy get?!!!! he is like a little sponge. He soaks it all up and just amazes us but it is his way of telling us it back that makes him sooooo squishably cute!!!!
Well now I shared with you the wise words of little Mo I am off to watch Heston's christmas Feast!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx