Monday 13 March 2017

Serious Sharon.........

Image- Serious Sharon.
Hi everyone!

I'm in with my Dream Team post for you today and I was very much in a make for me mood last week.I love that kind of creative time. It's good to take time for yourself and reflect on stuff going on around you in a creative and fun way.

So I just had to go with Serious Sharon. She was just perfect for me with her little cancer ribbon extra. I so meant to use her sentiment too because I have been so blessed with such beautiful cards and gifts from my amazing friends but when it got to putting it on the card I just didn't want to add it so I popped it inside for the greeting.

Last thursday night I felt a little bit yucky and sore around Nipple Island and noticed a bit of a change in the wound around there. Some sneaky little Infection Invaders had to decided to set up camp and try and start a party in there!! well, I was having none of that thank you very much!! so I poped off the the Drs on Friday to see the wound nurse (...luckily I spoke to my Dr in a triage call before I went so he had printed me out a fabulous Invader Eradication prescription!) 

The nurse took a peek and sure enough, the party had begun but luckily it was still in its early stages and those little invaders were so busy setting up camp still they didn't realise I was on it! Go me!! so a couple of uncomfortable days and that lovely queasy sick feeling you get from antibiotics later I think they have been defeated! Go Lou's body and the huge red and black invader busting tablets!!!!!!

Today I am pootling off to visit the nurse again to have my bloods taken again to check again for damage to my organs due to the pesky blood pressure but it's just a precaution the Dr is taking to keep an eye on me and work out my blood pressure medication levels so nothing to worry about there...apart from the vampires.....he he he!!! so I am going to treat myself to a lovely walk to the surgery. Its about 2 miles and it looks lovely out there today so a walk will be most welcome!!

Thank you for popping in , Huge Hugs Lou xxxx