Monday 26 June 2017


Image- Forest.
(...did ya'll know Forest is free???!!!)
Printable Acetate from Swedish House Crafts.
Papers- Kaisercraft True Love.

Morning everyone!

I was so excited last week because I got some printable acetate!! oh my!! I danced through the house when it arrived because I knew I would be able to make this super cute magic colour slider with it!!
( excitement please remember to flip your Forest Bear when you print him on the rough side of your printable acetate or he will be the wrong way round when you make up your card and you will need to flip and colour up another Forest Bear so it is facing the right way when you magic slide your card....he he he he!!!!)

But seriously, how cute is this bear? I absolutely adore him and he absolutely sends the most gorgeous message to remind us to look after our earth properly.

And here he is in action! (Please excuse my hand wobbliness when trying to open and close the card, my chemo and a sebaceous cyst infection in my armpit has made me quite worn out the last week or so so I've had the wibbly wobbles!!).

Thank you for popping in on me, huge hugs Lou xxx