Monday 15 December 2008

My mum is amazing!! Look what she made for my little boy!!!

I love my mum so much, she is amazing!! i just can't believe how clever she is.
It is my little boys 4th birthday tommorrow ( I can't believe how quickly that has gone!!) and we decided to let him choose what kind of cake he would like. We looked in the superstores and he couldn't see any he liked so we asked him what he wanted and he said a snowman, (argh thinks mummy as she can't see any!!!) then I realised my mum would be able to do it and this is what was waiting for me at my mum's today!!!
Mo was kind of quiet about it when we got to mum's but when we got home he just can't stop looking at it!! he even told the dog off when he thought the dog was looking at it to eat it!!!
..... i wonder if he will want to cut it tommorrow?.........
i love his cake!!! he is just so cute.
Little Mo is having a little party at nursery with his friends tommorrow, I work in the room he is in at the moment so I get to spend the day with him too which is lovely.
I made him a diego card (he loves diego!!) which I will post tommorrow because I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the envelope and sealed it!!!