Saturday 6 June 2009

Gorgeous award from eileen and ooooh, I found a new place to shop!!!!!

Oh I love this card!!! itis just soooo cute!!!
I got my normal armful of card mags last month and there was a piece in one of them about nitwits collections, heres the site address but be warned if you go there it will take you hours to get out!!!! I still haven't looked at all of them
Anyway, after a bit of deciding I chose the FQB - Bear Necessities Collection, omg!! it is just so nice.I made this card for harriet using it and my new IQ smooth paper ( as suggested in the mag too) from staples and I am so pleased with the result of the paper, it was definately worth getting. I chose the thickest paper, i think it is 160gsm and it really does make a difference tothe printing, i didn't even need to use best photo like i normally do, i just hit print and it came ot so pretty. So my enabling for today is to get yourself over to nitwits!!!! my next download when i have done some begging with scott is the 'some assembly required' collection!!!!!!!
I also got this gorgeous award from eileen today too, she made it herself and i think it is beautiful, thankyou so much eileen, you made my day xxxxxxx