Saturday 27 November 2010

The tree is up!!!

Hello peeps!
No card today but I just had to share this gorgeous piccy of my three little christmas tree decorators!!!!
Mo always shouts "CHEEEEESE" for photos and this one caught him half cheese!!! lol!!!!

Today could not of started any better for Mo!!! His big brother ryan was here last night and ryan's little sister Mackenzie came to play for a few hours this morning. Mo thinks that Mackenzie is his cousin and ryan's mum is his aunty!!!! we leave it like that for now as it is sooo much easier than explaining all the step family bits!!!! lol!!! Mo and Mackenzie only have 5 months between their birthdays and Mo loves her to bits.
After spending almost an hour playing doctors in the little den I made for them (with fairy lights for lighting!!) and playing out in the snow we got busy putting the tree together for them to decorate. They did an awesome job! Scott and I just opened the box of trimmings and let them do their own thing on the tree whilst listening to Mickey's christmas cd, they loved it.
The lights don't show up in the picture but they do look pretty!!!

Then a lovely treat for me, Fi picked me up and w went on a little road trip to Jo's new crafty shop, Let's Create, over in conningsby. It was a lovely surprise as Fi needed a little escape from the house of sickly boys and I just had to keep her company!!!!! lol!!!! I picked up some lovely bits including some fabby hunky dory circular domes which i am going to play with later!! ooooh!!!
Now Scott and I are just waiting for our asda delivery so we can have a cuppa!!! we ran out of milk making hot chocolate for little people today after oodles of playing in the snow! Ryans football match for tomorrow has been cancelled so the boys are hoping for more snow overnight!!!
Well, off to my frosty craft room to do some colouring now!!
Hugs Lou xxx