Sunday 1 February 2009

My first try at popping an image in circle texts!!

Here is my first attempt at popping some images in circle texts!! i am quite pleased with it. I followed JenC's tutorial from her blog, (heres a link to her blog, she's great. ) and this is what i came up with. they are for my valentines cards.................that i haven't actually started making yet!!!!! but I like them all the same!!!!
I am happy to share them if anybody wants them, just leave me a pm on the cricut mb or leave a comment on here with your email addy.
We are finally getting a bit of snow here in Lincolnshire, Mo will be so excited if he wakes up to snow!! I love to see it, you just know it has snowed when it is all quiet and bright when you wake up. Hope everyone has a lovely sunday xx

OOOOOh!!! a new toy for me!!!!!

Oh what a day yesterday was!!!!the first ting to go wrong was our sky hd box died....urgh..we can't afford a new one(they are expensive) so no more Ty on extreme makeover or ghost whisperer for :( so we spent the whole day trying to fix it, dh is a bit of a whizz at things like tis so we had to got to his work and fetch solder and solder tools but no amount of intensive care would revive it.

There is one plus point though, while we were on our travels trying to fix it the boys decided they had the nibbles so we stopped in at the bakery to get them gingerbread men, across from the bakery is a little craft shop I like to womble around, so naturally to cheer myself up and stop me thinking of missing Ty I decided to go in and while wombling I found this paper tagger!! oooooh, i think I am going to like it!! it just looked at me and said "please buy me!!! we can be great friends" I think it is going to be another nice little gadget for me!!!! I can just see us sat, tagging everything. I am thinking of testing it out on mo and ryan later!!!!!! lol!!!!