Sunday 26 February 2017

Time for tea?.................

Image- Three for Tea.
Morning everyone!

I've been busy getting ready for the influx of mini peeps birthdays going on all around me!! he he!!! I am, of course, in total denial that they are all getting this big so quick but luckily Maurie's super images over at Mo's Digital Pencil are just perfect for them in so many ways!!

For this one I used one of the little girls and the tray of scrummy cupcakes from the Three for Tea set. I merged the little tray so it was just snuggled right up to her dress (...because who would want to share a tray of scrummy cupcakes?!!!!!).

So, time for a Lou update!! he he!! Friday was my wound review and re dress and I was sooo nervous about it but do you know, after all those nerves it was actually a lot less painful than the first time. Super yey!!! and the nurse was really, really pleased with how my wounds are looking so the streristrips were removed and the wounds cleaned thoroughly with the iodine stuff again but it wasn't quite as stingy. So, here is me...
 The bruising is so much better now, like a yellowy pinky rainbow but almost gone. I know when I posted it on facebook this piccy caused a little confusion as a couple of friends messaged me to say how lucky I was to have just the little cut around my nipple and down the front of my mini boob but there is actually a very big cut underneath too!! so here's a piccy to help to see that....

I am so uber duber proud of my little Lou body for healing the surgery sites so nicely though, it really has done me proud. I am still sore and I have got to that wonderful ooooooooh I gotta itch stage!!!! but that's all good apparently so go Little Lou body!!! there are just a few more days to go until I get my full results. I get those on wednesday afternoon so I'll let you all know how it went.

Today has been all about showing our Little Mo how very special he has been over the last couple of weeks.His half term holidays consisted mummy having a huge op so he really didn't get to do much. He really has been a superstar. He has been so helpful, gentle and so understanding beyond his years so today we whisked him away to Nottingham to do a few of his favourite things and give him a Mo choose day!! we went to the Lost City adventure golf, had pudding before lunch and then Mo chose a Branch (from the movie Trolls) teddy from Build a bear factory. He loved it and he so deserved it bless him. He fell asleep on the way home so an 'all about me day' was clearly exhausting!!! he he he!!

Right, time to scoot, this Lou needs a cuppa and a little bit of pain relief (...that will hopefully stop the itching too!!!) 

Thank you so much for popping in on me,Huge hugs Lou xxx